LOTD – Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl!

It’s MY BIRTHDAY \o/ …..and here’s my look of the day until I change into my fighting gear and kick everyone’s butt (you wouldn’t kill me on my birthday right? :().

Doncha just <3 my cupcake? :D

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::CleO:: Coffee – EB1 Natural Shaved (Iki Ikarus)
Hair: >TRUTH< Voshie – treacle (Truth Hawks)
Dress: Barcode – BowSkirt Pink (Makenzie Irling)
Necklace: [MANDALA] Luck Necklace/Brown/unisex (kikunosuke Eel)
Bracelet: {CreamShop} Glam bangle 1 Light pink (SAZAE Yoshikawa)
Poses: Long Awkward Pose (Dove Swanson)
Cupcake Hat <3: Cupcakes & PoetryGalleria di Capalini – Birthday Cupcakes: Hats (Elise Capalini)

/me is listening to Forever by Chris Brown! <3

6 thoughts on “LOTD – Birthday Girl!

  1. Happy b-day Berry!! xoxo

  2. Aaaahwww…*yay* You look so cute! Congratulations and have a great day!

  3. Elise Capalini says:

    FLAMING CAKE! On your head! Win!! <3 And Happy Birthday. :)

  4. Thank you ladies! <3 you guys. *hugs*

  5. Happy B-day Berry!! <3

  6. Happy Birthday Miss Berry. <3

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