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Samurai Battle

Samurai Battle

When I saw my good friend (and fellow RPer) Chaddi Masala’s new samurai outfit, I just *KNEW* that I had to get one of my own. Once I found the perfect one we decided to duke it out in Zaara’s backyard (beside the Nasha Lounge) while Zaara Kohime was of course asleep so we don’t get in trouble. 😀

Victory was mine

And of course victory was MINE! (Although I must admit he was AFK when I achieved this victory. LOL!!! :D)

Onna bugeisha

Which of course brings me to the reason of this blog post. Tuesday, September 22nd is my RL birthday and I want to spend it similar to the way I did last year, kicking the grid’s ass! But this year I want more victims. So I am hereby announcing that on Tuesday, September 22 @ the {Zaara} Nasha Lounge there will be Berry’s Birthday Battle from 7pm to 8pm slt. Bring your swords to have your asses kicked by me. I might request you to go AFK to assist me in doing so though! kthxbai 😛


On Berry:
Skin::: DUTCH TOUCH :: ::CleO:: Olive – PUNk2 (Iki Ikarus)
Hair: TRUTH Jess – espresso (Truth Hawks)
Tattoo: HUZ Tats – Kanji Krazy (Hunain Bellic)
Shoes: – Tesla – (bag) Kensington *10PACK* Tall Boots *black* (Tesla Miles)
Female Samurai outfit: !!HUSKY GFX!! Nanashi female samurai (Karigan Ducatillon)
Swords: ** Musashi Blades Sizuka naru Shi V4.3 -by- ** (Ayame Musashi)

On Chad:
Skin: Minnu MMS Madrid Suntan (Face 4L w/scalp hair ) (Lelutka)
Armor: Hanzo Blades Kenshin Armor (Loki Dancer)
Shoes: Hanzo Blades Samurai Geta Footwear (Loki Dancer)


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

3 thoughts on “Samurai Battle

  • I really love all the pictures. The male Samurai outfit is probably a bit too dramatic for me and the dark role play sim I play in, Lost Angels. I do like the female Samurai outfit and the tats. The mouth covering really accentuates your eyes and lends to an air of mystery about you. If I’m not busy in a battle of my own, I’ll make sure to stop by and let you poke me with your sword for your birthday. Now to check these shops for new additions to my role play character.

  • kk..that gives me a week to get my blade out of storage, sharpen it.. practise… and then go find a HAWT fighting outfit.. unless it is a NUDE birthday parteh?? oooohhhh

    I wanna slaughter Chaddi too.. I miss rp’ing *sigh*

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