Love Thursdays – flowers for my hair

Something I love to do in RL as well as SL, put flowers in my hair.

Love Thursdays - flowers for my hair

Now you can put flowers in any of your favorite hairstyles. Beautiful hair corsages like this one are available at AtomicBambi.

Happy Love Thursday everyone! <3

Share your Love Thursday post on your flickr/plurk/blog, wherever you like, and please remember to add it to the group!

Skin: CUPCAKES – Enchanted – Sepia – Fairy (Rosemary Galbraith)
Hair: TRUTH Alicia – treacle (Truth Hawks)
Earrings: ~Muse~ Claris Pearl Earrings in Silver (Caliah Lyon)
Hair Corsage: AtomicBambi Hair Corsage – Dubai – Pearl (AtomicSparkle Skytower)

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