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Mystic Sky

Befitting its name, floating up high, Mystic Sky is a beautiful new store by Skyler John full of enchanting Medieval gowns.

Mystic Sky - Mirabelle

I had an opportunity to throw a few questions towards designer Skyler John so she can share a bit of herself with us.

Strawberry Singh: I see you have been a resident since August 2007, is this your first time designing?
Skyler John: This is my first time designing ‘clothing’. I also design furniture.

Strawberry Singh: Are your designs hand drawn?
Skyler John: My designs are I would say 96% hand drawn and all are original designs. I’m very picky with the textures that I create, I like them to have depth and to feel real.

Strawberry Singh: Do you have a creative background or any graphic design experience?
Skyler John: yes I do. I went to school for graphic design, photography and printing. I have a fond love of graphics, sl is the perfect creative outlet.

Strawberry Singh: So what inspired you to create these wonderful medieval designs?
Skyler John: Well I enjoy Medeival roleplay. I was searching for different gowns to wear and found some beautiful ones but not many which didnt give much of a choice. So I decided to try designing a gown. I wanted to make it feel real and dramatic so I worked on the wrinkles (smiles), the Ella gown was my first. After that I got really excited and decided to keep going.

Strawberry Singh: I’m glad you did, they are very pretty.
Skyler John: I just like doing this alot and I really enjoy seeing people wear them.

Mystic Sky - Serendipity

Mystic Sky’s official grand opening was last night and Skyler has opened up with a big bang! She has a wide variety of gowns already on display, along with an adorable fairy outfit. The current lucky chair gown is the Ella Gown in Lavendar and she has a a freebie flower headdress to match the gown on the front table.

Mystic Sky - Ella

So take the slurl and come see this beautiful store for yourself.
Slurl to Mystic Sky:
Skyler John’s Flickr:

Gowns by Mystic Sky (Skyler John)
Skin by Dutch Touch (Iki Ikarus)
Hair by Tiny Bird (Autumn Hykova)
Necklaces by +plus and Muse Fine Jewelry
Poses by Long Awkward Pose (Dove Swanson)
Location: Avalon Castle


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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