My favorite face!

No, it’s not my own face that’s my favorite, but in fact it is the face of the new skin “Forest” by Iki Ikarus of Dutch Touch. As soon as I put this skin on, I absolutely fell in love with the face. No skin has ever struck me like this before.

My favorite face

Each makeup comes with two brow options: black and brown, two options for lips and also two options for pubes: shaved and not shaved. I normally don’t blog skins, but this one has become one of my most favorites. I’m also in love with the hands. They are sheer perfection, the nails are just spectacular.

My favorite face

If you haven’t tried this perfectly seamless skin, I suggest you go down to Dutch Touch now and pick up a demo.

My favorite face

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::FoResT:: Apricot (Iki Ikarus)
Hair: TRUTH; Linda – night
Eyes: Poetic Color; quicksilver (Lano Ling)
Eyelashes: Cake; Bedroom eyelashes (Stumbelina Ophelia)
Ring: Paper Couture; Times Square Ring – Diamond (Cora Lu)
Pants: Zaara : Chinos (NEW RELEASE) (Zaara Kohime)
Top: *BOOM* Dot Dot (NEW RELEASE) (Aranel Ah)
Poses: .:StoRin:. (Annah Whitfield)

7 thoughts on “My favorite face!

  1. I have always liked Dutch Touch skins, however, I personally prefer darker skins outside of the pale-to-dark ones. And I’ve held out in hopes that Iki would eventually make some. Dutch Touch skins have always been lovely right from the time they were first introduced.

    I’d really like to see some more sun kissed skin tones … Iki will have at least one sale from me if she ever decides to.

    Cheers, Berry. Your photos always do yoru subject justice. Great post.

  2. Ok. That look rocks. ’nuff said.

  3. Looks Fabulous on you Berry :D

  4. You looks pretty in that skin! I also love that top…:D

  5. It is you!! That skin looks perfect on your shape.

  6. […] It is no secret that I have always been an admirerer of Iki Ikarus’ work at Dutch Touch. Her handdrawn clothing and skins are original and highly detailed, and her latest skin, called FoResT, is no exception. I have been lucky to witness the ‘’birth’’ of this skin in almost all it’s stages and I really think sometimes people forget the craftmanship and many many hours that go into handdrawn creations like these. Therefore I am really glad to see that this skin is getting the attention it deserves on the feeds (for example see Berry’s beautiful pictures here) […]

  7. MERCEDES Fellini says:

    I have been a fan of Dutch Touch, ever since the first store opened, and the skins are fantastic as well as the clothes. You look beautiful ;-)

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