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I had the opportunity to meet Annah Whitfield, designer and owner of the quaint little store StoRin, for the first time this week. Not only is she a talented content creator, but she’s one of the sweetest and friendliest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.


It was also my first time visiting her store and I was delighted to see all the beautiful designs. One dress in particular that caught my eye was the fabulous red dress named “Codie” that I completely fell in love with. When I realized it was named after Ms. Codebastard Redgrave herself, I knew exactly what jewelry to wear with it; the Codie Bijoux Rouge Set by Hibiscus Flossberg of Puarangi Designs .


Another thing I didn’t know about Annah is that she also makes poses (I know, I think I live under a rock, :P). I especially loved her umbrella poses that came with this adorable little umbrella. The umbrella also comes with 9 different and very beautiful textures that you can choose from.

best friends

Along with her single poses, she also has a separate room full of many couples poses. This one is called the “Best Friends” pose. I’d like to thank Zaara Kohime for taking her time out to pose with me for this special pose. <3

So if you haven't been to StoRin yet, I suggest you take a moment and visit!

StoRin slurl:
StoRin blog:


All Poses in this post were from .:StoRin:. (Annah Whitfield)

Photo 1
Dress 1:
Dress: .:StoRin:. – Meredith (Annah Whitfield)
Jewels: LaGyo Beauty (Gyorgyna Larnia)
Skin: Lelutka (Minnu Palen)
Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks)
Dress 2:
Dress: .:StoRin:. – Codie (Annah Whitfield)
Purse: .:StoRin:. – Luna Clutch *red* (Annah Whitfield)
Jewels: Puarangi Designs – Codie Bijoux Rouge Set (Hibiscus Flossberg)
Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks)
Skin: Laqroki (Mallory Cowen)

Photo 2
Outfit 1:
Shirt: .:StoRin:. – Annie *yellow* (Annah Whitfield)
Shorts: .:StoRin:. – Sarah *brown* (Annah Whitfield)
Umbrella: .:StoRin:. Pack15: Umbrella (Annah Whitfield)
Skin: Lelutka (Minnu Palen)
Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks)
Earrings: {JUNK} bohemian chandelier earrings (Koge Cleaver)
Outfit 2:
Shirt: .:StoRin:. – Luth *charcoal/silver* (Annah Whitfield)
Shorts: .:StoRin:. – Colby Shorts *black* (Annah Whitfield)
Armwarmers: .:StoRin:. – Arm Warmers *silver/black* (Annah Whitfield)
Bag: .:StoRin:. – Black Leather Tote (Annah Whitfield)
Skin: Lelutka (Minnu Palen)
Hair: ETD (Elikapeka Tiramisu)

Photo 3
Berry’s Outfit:
Dress: .:StoRin:. – Annie *turquoise* (Annah Whitfield)
Earrings: {JUNK} bohemian chandelier earrings (Koge Cleaver)
Skin: Lelutka (Minnu Palen)
Hair: Analog Dog Kia brunette (Queue Marlowe)
Shoes: Kalnins Shoes – Coquette (Maris Kanto)
Zaara’s Outfit:
Skin: Lelutka
Hair: Lelutka
Shoes: Armidi
Dress: StoRin


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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