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<3 my boho look.

I was recently tp’d to Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry to check out some of his new releases and I just fell in love with the Tropical Wood necklace. Then the outfit just emerged around that by itself.

The earrings are just one of the pairs that were gifted to me recently. I have to admit, I was ignorant of Koge Cleaver’s work before I received these, but have now placed her little shop {Junk} at the top of my shopping list. These ones are called the belly dancer earrings but my favs are definitely the bohemiam chandelier earrings pictured here.

The golden bangles are from Dark Mouse and the blue bangles are from +Plus. Both of these shops have some gorgeous jewelry pieces and should definitely be on your shopping list!

The hair of course is the fabulous new ETD release Chel, in auburne.

The tank is a relatively new release from Cupcakes. It comes in many different gorgeous colors, of which I chose turquoise. Cupcakes has also had a recent skin release called Seduction and I believe Grazia Horwitz did a fabulous job of reviewing those skins.

The skirt is from one of my most favorite designers, Leah McCullough of Naive. I absolutely adore her work. Her jeans are slowly becoming one of my favs on the grid. I’m wearing her gorgeous bell skirt in gold and blue. I love the way it moves, it’s cute and lotsa fun to wear. Recently she also did some plurk dollarbie shirts for all of those plurkaholics like me. 😛

{Zaara} anklet in silver

My skin and my shoes (which are the beautiful Korina flats) are both from Lelutka.

The anklet is an unreleased {Zaara} creation in silver. Zaara has decided to put it out finally for FREE and has hidden it somewhere in her mainstore, see if you can find it! 🙂

And finally, the poses are from the all new Diesel Works.

Happy shopping everyone! <3

Necklace: Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry
Earrings: {Junk}
Golden Bangles: Dark Mouse
Blue Bangles: +Plus
Hair: ETD
Tank top: Cupcakes
Skirt: Naive
Skin: Lelutka
Shoes: Lelutka
Anklet: {Zaara}
Poses: Diesel Works


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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