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Magic of Oz Saint Patrick’s Cuardach!

It’s St. Patty’s day and another exciting new hunt at the beautiful Magic of Oz! All of the items pictured and credited below can be found in the hunt!

Leprechauns and gold coins
Leprechauns by Risusipo Chipmunk Shop, find them in the hunt!

Only in Oz does it rain gold! How does the Cuardach work? Easy as one, two, three!

Step 1. Look around. There are gold coins spawning randomly all over the sim. When you see one, click it. It will disappear and you will get a coin in your inventory.

Step 2. Wear your golden coin. It will appear in your hand and tell you which shop to visit to get your gift. Find that shop in Oz.

Step 3. There will be a leprechaun’s pot of gold somewhere in the shop. You need to be within 2 meters of the pot, then click your coin. REMEMBER TO CLICK THE COIN AND NOT THE POT =D You will receive your gift!

Katatonik and KessKreations
Dresses by katat0nik, necklaces by KessKreations

Some additional information:

The coins are one use only! Discard the coins after you receive your gift, they will not work again.

If the vendor has put more than one item in the pot of gold, it will distribute the gifts AT RANDOM. This means that you will need to collect multiple coins to get all of a vendor’s gifts and it may take quite a few tries to get them all.

Shamrock green
Hair by Helena Stringer, Eyes by Treasured Visions, Collar by Schadenfreude, Bustier by silentsparrow, Eyewear by Guild of Crie

The following is a list of participating vendors and the number of items each is offering as gifts:

The Stringer Mausoleum and Shrine (1 Gift)
KessKreations (2 Gift)
MnM Design Store (1 Gift)
KatatOnik (3 Gifts)
silentsparrow (1 Gift)
Laughing Academy (1 Gift)
Aqua Shop (1 Gift)
Schadenfreude (1 Gift)
Wasabi Pills (1 Gift)
Guild of Crie Eyewear Store/Reve du Crie (1 Gift)
malContent (formerly Treasured Visions) (2 Gifts)
.:: eyecandy ::. (2 Gifts)
Risusipo Shop (2 Gifts)

The Laughing Academy
Dress by Tabitha Ninetails of The Laughing Academy

So come follow me down the yellow brick road and join in on the fun. The hunt starts Tuesday, March 17th @ 9am slt.

Magic of Oz slurl:
Magic of Oz flickr group:

All poses are from Long Awkward Pose
Hair is from ETD and 69


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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