Say YES to Pink Shirt Day!

Special thanks to Catero Revolution for posing with me! <3

I’d like to thank Lawless McBride for pointing out this wonderful movement to all of us by his inspiring blogpost.

I think sometimes we all get carried away with trying to have fun and don’t think about the pain we might cause others, even if it’s unintentional. Why do we have to be so vicious? There’s been a lot of that on SL, blogs, flickr and plurk lately and after a while, it just gets tiring. It’s one thing to discuss something amongst your circle of friends, and another to display it on a public forum for all to see and ridicule. It doesn’t make it fun anymore, it just makes it cruel.

So I hope we all learn something from those high school students who all banded together to support the person that was bullied. The next time you see a plurk, flickr or blog post that is picking on someone, don’t respond to it and encourage that kind of behavior. Mute it, move on or put the person in their place.

Something for you to ponder:
“Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?” Confucius

Join the say YES to Pink Shirt Day campaign and stop all this bullying! <3

Catero Revolution
Winter Jefferson
Lawless McBride
Dove Swanson
Elusyve Jewell
Tesa Jewell
Sugarr Delight
Voshie Paine
Kesseret Steeplechase
Malkavyn Eldritch
Candy Cerveau
Rylan Carling
Tabitha Ninetails
Hibiscus Flossberg
Saint Barracuda
Whimsy Winx
Ana Lutetia
Sean Black
Mackenzie Irling
Chiara Tizona
Aubergine Westminster
Elysium Eilde, Dionysus Qualcar, Elysiana Eilde, Kay Fairey and Vixie Rayna
Autumn Hykova, Dakota Buck and Twiggy Whippet
Mavi Beck
Clio Cardiff
Summer Deadlight
Grazia Horwitz
Terry Toland

If you don’t see your link here and you have participated, please leave it in the comments! <3

Pajamas by Skin flicks
Poses by Long Awkward Pose

9 thoughts on “YES!

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  2. Sugarr Delight says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for your linking me from your site :)

  3. thank you as well. You and Catero look incredible :) <3

  4. i was part of the YES pic for Nocturne, I say YES! (erm just stick me with voshie lol)

  5. […] Lawless for starting this… and Berry & Catero for spreading it on the […]

  6. Terry Toland says:

    I would like to be added to the list, please. I posted it last night, but it’s been a long day:

    I was also in the Nocturne photo… kinda’ danglin’ off the edge. XD My partner, Sentrosi Broek, is the dark elf in the top hat and undies. <3

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  8. ~ Az Aeon ~ says:

    ~ Az Aeon ~

    psst Berry … wanna go bully the noobs tonight like we always do ? :D

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