Winter at Magic of Oz

Magic of Oz in winter

This is a sneak and exclusive preview of what you will see December 3rd @ 9am SLT when Magic of Oz opens its door again to the public. A beautiful winter wonderland.

Magic of Oz - Follow the yellow brick road

From Munchkin land to the Witch’s Lair, the whole place is covered in snow and even more beautiful than it was before.

follow me down the yellow brick road...

So follow me down the yellow brick road and visit when they open their doors at 9am SLT.

Watch the Magic of Oz flickr group for more pics:

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6 thoughts on “Winter at Magic of Oz

  1. oooh so pretty ! and such lovely photographs!

  2. Thank you achariya! :)

  3. Gorgeous pics! I can’t wait to see it all myself! :)

  4. Thank you, they’ll be opening the doors in a few mins! :)

  5. I visited this evening and really enjoyed it. So wonderful! Thank you

  6. What a adorable pictures you made ! Love all three winter pictures.

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