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New Sim for Taste of India

The owners of Taste of India, the Desi mall and club, have acquired a whole sim and have really turned the place around. 

Taste of India -  New Sim!

As you can tell by the pictures the build and texturing is quite stunning and is loosely based on the Mysore Palace in Southern India. There is talk of eventually turning this into an RP sim but for the moment it is a beautiful shopping mall full of some of the best designers in indian fashions.

Taste of India - Mysore Palace

All around the Palace you will see gorgeous stores to be rented, some are still available! Some of the well known indian designers you might find here already are {Zaara}, FallnAngel Creations, and Vlintuition. If you are interested in renting a shop at this beautiful indian mall, please contact Sam1177 Alito or Perdita Lacey for further inquiries.

Taste of India - Magic

Inside the palace is a club called Desi Beatz where they have weekly events and contests. So if you like to listen to bollywood music, you can search for the group “Club hot spot” and join it to know about the events and prizes.

Take the slurl now and check out this beautiful new sim:

Jewelry and Clothes from {Zaara}
Hair from 69 and ETD


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