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Zullay Designs

As soon as I walked into this beautiful new store, I instantly fell in love. The designs were colorful, fresh and the quality is superb.

Iris in Cranberry
Iris top in Cranberry

For being a relatively new designer (she just opened Zullay Designs a few weeks ago) Zullay Thor definitely has quite a lot to offer. She not only sells gorgeous clothes, but skins as well! And she’s quite the organized one. Her store is split into four different collections:
::The Poet Collection :: is a soft, romantic group of items created with soft colors and classic lines for a vintage feel.
::The Glamour Collection:: is modern and sophisticated, with bold colors and beautiful prints.
::The Ethereal Collection:: is a fantasy world filled with seductive mermaids, whimsical faeries and magical elves.
::The Couture Collection:: consists of a few pieces of unique fashion that are very limited in that there is only one version of each outfit created and sold.

Poet Helena Dress
Poet Helena Dress

Zullay is also a very friendly, warm and delightful person to converse with. I decided to ask her a few quick questions for the blog to introduce her a bit since she’s really very sweet.

Berry: What were you doing on SL before you got into designing?
Zullay: Exploring and buying shoes. I like traveling to the different regions and admiring the builds. It’s a like hanging out in a painting, only primmier.

Berry: What influences or inspires you as a designer?
Zullay: Everything. The colors of flowers, the way a curtain blows in the breeze, an outfit worn in an old Danger Man episode from the 60’s. I’m not sure there is a logical pattern to my inspirations

Berry: Are there any designers in SL or even RL that you look up to?
Zullay: RL designers I adore are Diane von Furstenberg and Naeem Khan, especially from this last fashion week. The designs are so feminine and so creative. For SL designers there are just so many. There is so much talent here, and SL is just the coolest medium for creative types, and I think anyone who takes the time and the energy to create something is admirable.

Berry: What do you hope to accomplish on SL?
Zullay: Hhhhmmm….wow. I don’t honestly know. I’m loving what I do now and I plan to keep going as long as my customers continue to shop. If I have a goal it would be to have 100% blissfully happy customers who love wearing my items. And to be able to buy more shoes. I don’t nearly have enough shoes.

Berry: What are your plans for the future? Expansion? Take over? 😛
Zullay: Oh the take over option sounds like a lot of fun! Count me in! :] But until the role of “World Ruler” comes up, I’ll keep growing my collections and making more yummy items. I keep pushing myself to make things better, more detailed and love the challenge of improving. I’ll probably expand the Couture Collection to make more intricate pieces, and maybe start a collection for the men. Or maybe a collection for chihuahuas (I hear they are all the rage).

LOL, as you can see, she’s quite entertaining to talk to. Great personality and so much talent!

Glamour coat in black
Glamour coat in black

Her designs are a must see. You can keep up to date on her blog, or visit her inworld by taking this slurl:

She has a free bag of goodies (skins YAY) by the entrance and also a group that does not take up one of your 25 slots. Just click and you will be able to keep up to date with all her new releases!

Also this Sunday Oct 12th from 12-2pm SLT there will be a showing of the new (and first) pieces from her Couture Collection. This is something you DO NOT want to miss! So remember to take the slurl:

Iris top in Cranberry:
Hair: Truth
Earrings: Canimal
Bracelets: Yak and Yeti
Pants: Armidi

Poet Helena Dress:
Hair: Minnu Model Skins
Jewels: Muse Fine Jewelry
Shoes: Stiletto Moody

Glamour coat in black:
Hair: Aden
Lingerie: Insolence
Boots: Stiletto Moody


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

3 thoughts on “Zullay Designs

  • Ohhh a new store! What a great find, Strawberry! Thank you!

  • You’re welcome! 🙂 I was soooooo happy the first time I was tp’d there by a friend. Zullay does some awesome work.

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