The Fight Against Breast Cancer!

My apologies for posting this on the fashion feed, but I promised that I would blog about it. It is for a very important cause so I do hope y’all can take some time out to attend this event and hopefully participate in the fight against cancer!

Date Auction for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Every 3 minutes a woman is diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the U.S. It is one of the top ten causes of death. That is the reason why the organizers of this event have decided to generously donate all funds generated from this event towards Breast Cancer Awareness. There are around 50 people being auctioned for a 2 hour date.

Fight against cancer!
Denise Rowlands, Mecca Merosi, Strawberry Singh

I am one of those people. I am being auctioned twice, individually and as a package deal with two other very lovely ladies. You can bid on all three of us and we can all go shopping together, or just hang out. We love to giggle and have lots of fun. 🙂 We’ve gotten together and have done a few fun photo shoots and we’d love to do that with the winner of our auction. So please come and bid generously!

Hardly a teaser (not a 'pretty' picture)
This striking image was created by Kiya McMahon, she is the first to be auctioned tonight!

Here is a list of the people being auctioned and timings.
1 Kiya McMahon – 7:15:00 PM
2 Shui Shui – 7:20:00 PM
3 Lucille Morigi – 7:25:00 PM
4 Trisha Hastings – 07:30PM
5 Ashania (Ash) Arado – 07:35PM
6 Skye Donardson – 07:40pm
7 Jewell Savira – 07:45PM
8 Redrach Falta – 07:50PM
9 Madison Kocherigin – 07:55PM
10 CE Quinnell – 08:00PM
11 Cerdwin Flanagan – 08:05PM
12 BellaFantasy Arida – 08:10PM
13 Gilly Gully – 08:15PM
14 Akasha Divisadero – 08:20PM
15 Russell Applemoor – 08:25PM
16 Artika Muliaina – 08:30PM
17 Carly Looming – 08:35PM
18 Eisie Etchegaray – 08:40PM
19 Filo Tani – 08:45PM
21 GiannaBella Pastorelli – 08:55PM
22 Innika Ferraris – 09:05PM
23 Ipunin Pera – 09:10PM
24 Sonofab Watanabe – 09:15PM
25 Jezabell Barbosa – 09:20PM
26 Kade Klata – 09:25PM
27 Kaffe McMahoh – 09:30PM
28 Castell Galicia
29 Granger Underwood – 09:35PMd
30 Kirstin Convair – 09:40PM
31 Mono Islander – 09:45PM
32 Lamie Anbinder – 09:50PM
33 Leesey Durant – 09:55PM
34 Mecca Merosi – 10:00PM
35 Lillipuet Senyurt – 10:05PM
36 Mandoaa Dragonash – 10:10PM
37 Mecca Merosi, Denise Rowlands, Strawberry Singh – 10:15PM (ALL THREE AS A PACKAGE! :P)
38 Myria Myriam – 10:20PM
39 Risa Frog – 10:25PM
40 Denise Rowlands – 10:30PM
41 Sami Wildcat – 10:35PM
42 Swinger Boozehound – 10:40PM
43 Strawberry Singh – 10:45PM
44 Somanna Sands – 10:50PM
45 Finlandich Flanagan – 10:55PM
46 Trosia Masala – 11:05PM
47 Vivian Baxter – 11:10PM
48 Zebulon2 Albion – 11:15PM
49 Castell Galicia – 11:20PM
50 Siryn Rosse – 11:25PM

Pre-Auction Bidding has started!
Pre-Auction Bidding has already started if you would like to go bid now, take the slurl!
This is just a fun way for us to get together and do something for a great cause. So come out tonight, even if it’s just to meet people and have fun.
Take the slurl now!


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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  • Mecca

    Berry this was beautifully written… I had such a blast doing this with you and Denise.

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