My butt never looked so good!

That’s right folks…you heard it here first! Zaara Kohime is about to release a new line of denim, 100% hand drawn! When I put them on, I just fell in love. My butt never looked so good in jeans before!

My butt never looked so good!

There will be two different styles to choose from, classic and jewelled. The jewelled jeans have a cute little chain and some more embroidery on the back pocket.

{ Zaara } denim

The jeans will come in four colors: blue, charcoal, indigo and moss with different options for sculpted leg fits that can work with various footwear.

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Tattoo: Nardya
Shoes: Tesla

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2 thoughts on “My butt never looked so good!

  1. Oh way to go Zaar, the finished result is sooooo awesome!

  2. […] purchase of hers was back in 2008 when her store was called Nardya and she was releasing some of my most favorite tattoos on the grid. If you scroll back on both of her flickr streams (Nardya and Nardcotix) you will see […]

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