120bpm – Faint Paulse

To say that the owner of the store 120bpm is a bit eccentric is putting it mildly. Faint Paulse is one of the most peculiar av’s I’ve met….I fell instantly in love with her. That is exactly how I feel about her designs. Her furniture is fun, stylish and so well done.

bubble chairs

I must apologize for these images for they were a rush job since she has decided to have a spur of the moment sale today! It is her rezz day and I think she’s lost her mind a little and put everything in the store to either L$12 or L$120!!!

yoga pillow

When asked how long the sale will last, she said and I quote, “It’s my Rezz day…I’ll do whatever I want! Till I go to bed unless i’m really drunk.” So I suggest y’all head down there right NOW and scoop up all the fabulous things!

canopy bed

The canopy bed alone is awesome cuz you can jump on it and not disturb the other person reading! :P

120 bmp - Faint Paulse

So head down there right now before it’s too late and lets all hope she gets too drunk! :P
Oh yeah…slurl might help: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Joomos/72/86/23

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2 thoughts on “120bpm – Faint Paulse

  1. Rizza Soderstrom says:

    Yay Berry!

    Everybody its Faints Rez day!!!!!!!1111111

  2. haiz ppl! XDDD *runs around random welcome areas nakkid*
    lookit the new vid at muh store this morning! It’s starring berry’s ass and puli’s dance <333333

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