The ARTist’s Park is NOW OPEN!

The all new ARTist's Park!

The all new ARTist’s Park opened its doors yesterday to a sim crashing party! Many attended to see the beautiful works of so many talented artists that are being displayed there. Mr. Prad Prathivi took a wonderful pic of the party at its peak, you can see it on his flickr stream here: As you can see from the pic, the ARTist’s Park is so beautifully built!

The ARTist's Park

I went there yesterday for a bit while I danced to DJ Azu’s awesome beats and checked out all the wonderful works of so many talented people. You don’t want to miss this one! You can join the ARTist’s Park group to keep up to date on all the events or watch Wyatt Benoir’s flickr stream!

Isabella Johin

This month’s featured Artist is the lovely and brilliant Isabella Johin! Her work is a feast for the eyes. Along with Isabella there is a long list of Guest Artists, including:
~Crow610 Mainline
~Zinc Karas (Whose piece will be sold as copies by personal request)
~Gabrielle Sinatra
~Nigel Riel
~Maeve Strom
~Barrowness Beaumont
~Toko Voom
~Rena Sakai
~Mecca Merosi
~Nyla Rossini
~Nimil Blackflag
~Prad Prathivi
~Cienega Soon
~Caleb Rickena
~Monroe Snook
~Raul Crimson
~Skye Donardson
~Silverdrake Sparrow
~Arminius Heron

So I suggest you take the slurl now!

Credits: All pictures in the post are the work of the talented Mr. Wyatt Benoir!


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  • artistspark

    Thank you so very much for blogging the party. It was great seeing you there and hope you enjoyed the blast we had.

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