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Step Up Poses

I’ve been wanting to blog Cheyn Lane’s store, Step Up Poses, for a while and finally got the chance to take some pics with his poses. The poses I’ve picked up from his store were just a few cute ones that I liked, but there are many more there which are more intimate and also more friendly.

Here are the three that I’ve taken, you can click the pics for a larger view size in my flickr:

Pizza and me

This back to back pose is called Complicity. I have cropped it a bit but you can view it in full on Cheyn’s flickr here: It’s a perfect pose to use with a good friend for a fun photo op!

sunset kiss

The next one is called Neckiss and you can see it at a different angle here: This one is a very sweet pose and works real well if you can get the female avatars eyes to close. Too bad sl doesn’t have that option available for us to do it manually! 😛


Finally the last pose is called back and is just as sweet. And again would also work better if you can get the eyes closed, however for this pose I was basing this on an old indian love story. If you click the picture it will take you to my flickr page which has the link to the youtube video that will provide a lovely story to go along with this pic. 🙂 And again another angle of this pose can be viewed on his flickr:

To view a full selection of his poses before tping to his store, visit his flickr located at this address: He has recently released some excellent fighting poses that can be used for great photo ops or even just for fun! 😛 He also does custom poses, IM Cheyn Lane for more info.

To keep up to date with his new releases, sales and giveaways, search for Step Up :\Cre@tions/: under groups and join for free!

Step Up Poses is currently located in the beautiful Strawberry Fields Cafe!


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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