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Berry’s Favorite Things – Take 6

I figured I’d continue the tradition of Berry’s favorite things on this blog as well since it’s so much fun for me.  🙂

Today I’ll be covering three of my recent favorites: designer Emilie Susanti, Hair by Detour and my favorite skin of all time PXL!!!

OOPS Glamour
OOpS Glamour

Lets start with designer Emilie Susanti of OOpS Fashion. I know I’ve blogged her before but I cannot stress enough how much I love her designs, especially at the prices that she offers them at. It’s unbelievable quality with wonderfully low prices. She has an update group and also a new blog where she will send out notices of her new releases. So make sure to join her group when you enter her store (or search for OOpS Design) and also keep up to date on her blog! Pictured above I’m wearing the cute little black dress called Glamour which is perfect clubwear and gets you ready for any party! Pictured below I am in the adorable sexy little animal tank with nicely detailed jeans. Both outfits are only L$150 each!!! This is why I love OOpS!

Second favorite thing these days is PXL skins. I cannot stress enough how much I am in love with the PXL Linda line. It is absolutely fabulous in any shade and any makeup. Ever since I bought it I have not taken it off until Mr. Hart Larrson dropped the new unreleased chloe skin on me (pictured below). It is set to be released in September and I just cannot wait to get more! It has the same amount of detail and care that Mr. Larrson puts in all his skins.

OOPS Sexy Little Animal
OOpS Sexy Little Animal

Last, but certainly not least is the absolutely fabulous hair from Detour. I am in love with this style and how it frames my face and compliments any outfit I wear it with. And my favorite part about it is the color and the highlights. I just don’t wanna take it off at all!!!

So there you have it folks! To see my past favorite things visit

Until next time!



OOPS Glamour:
Skin: PXL Linda FashionTan
Hair: Analog Dog
Lip piercing: Ferugina Luna
Glamour dress: Oops by Emilie Susanti
Pose: Long Awkward Pose

OOPS Sexy Little Animal:
Skin: PXL Chloe Sunkissed NaturalLips (unreleased)
Hair: Detour Flexi Hazy in Java
Earrings: Nein
Bracelet: Cake
Manicure: Tammany Goodliffe
Outfit: Oops by Emilie Susanti
Pose: Long Awkward Pose


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

3 thoughts on “Berry’s Favorite Things – Take 6

  • You are beautiful as usual.. and if I keep reading your blog, I am going to be broker than broke…nice post!

  • hehe Thank you Ms. Elusyve. That’s good, lets be broke together! 😛

  • Oo u sexy ‘not so little’ animal 😛

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