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The Goa Series

In the past month or so Zaara Kohime has worked on and released three outfits that she says were inspired by the spirit of Goa. I had a chat with her about what this exactly means so she gave me a little explanation for each outfit that I found so fascinating I felt as if it HAD to be blogged.

Goa series - Calangute

Essentially the Goa series is more about the kind of people that visit Goa rather than the place itself. The first outfit she released from this series was the long dress Calangute that came in so many colors. This elegant dress would be worn by those who have an annual ‘rejuvenating’ trip to Goa and would check into an expensive boutique hotel with exotic spas and private beaches. In this dress, you can visualize yourself sipping white wine in your personal beach shack while waiting for your kerala head massage appointment.

Goa series - Anjuna

The Anjuna outfit is more for the laid back beach bum variety. This species usually is found outdoors, exploring one beach a day, stopping at shacks to enjoy the calamari fritters and Kings beer. They tend to lie in their chairs all day until the necessity to pee. (Which might be often since beer is cheaper than water in Goa.)

Goa series - Xacuti  (COMING SOON!!!)

The third and final outfit called Xacuti (which will be released soon) is usually worn by a strange more nocturnal being. They sleep off the day, and proceed to beach hop all night, from one rave party to another. Progressively getting drunk and/or stoned, they don’t even know what they’re doing anymore. I’m just wearing the bikini part of this colorful outfit, but to see the whole idea view Zaara’s picture. As you can see from the pic, looking unusual is mandatory. In this outfit imagine yourself tripping all night to trance and waking up the next day wondering where you are and what you did last night!

So there you have it folks, what an interesting and educational series. Not only are they gorgeous, colorful and fun to wear but the stories behind each outfit are so fascinating!

Visit Zaara’s new mainstore location in the Tesla sim to pick up these outfits:


Calangute picture:
Skin: PXL,
Hair: Armidi
Shoes: Armidi
Jewels and Dress: {Zaara}
Pose: Long Awkward Pose
Location: Costa Rica

Anjuna picture:
Skin: PXL
Hair: Diversity Hair
Jewels and outfit: {Zaara}
Pose: Long Awkward Pose

Xacuti picture:
Skin: PXL
Hair: Armidi
Shades: FNKY
Jewels and outfit: {Zaara}
Pose: Long Awkward Pose


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