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Indian Bridal by Zaara Kohime (COMING SOON!!!)

Along with her weekly new releases, Zaara Kohime of Zaara Indian Couture has managed to re-texture her Indian bridal outfit and has made it even more stunning! It was previewed in Saturday’s Fashion show at the new Velvet sim by Bianca F.

Indian bridal by Zaara Kohime

There are four different options for the bridal top, two being longer ones. There is also another prim (bridal dupatta) that falls from the shoulder and many little extra ribbons and added touches. The textures and details are immaculate!

Indian bridal by Zaara Kohime

To go along with the bridal outfit, she has created traditional kundan jewelry which has about 6 to 8 pieces and two different styles for the head jewel. You can see the amount of time and detail that went into each piece just by the pictures.

Jewelry by Zaara Kohime

So for all you brides to be, think about putting a bit of ethnic flair into your wedding with this stunning ensemble!

These will be released next week! To be the first to find out whenever Zaara releases something new and also for special freebies and treasure hunts, join Zaara’s group by searching for “Zaara Indian Couture.”

Zaara Indian Couture can be found at four locations now, her biggest being in the Taste of India mall. Visit her today at Taste of India
her group gift is still out, don’t forget to activate your group tag and feel like Indian Royalty! 🙂

Skin: PXL Skins, Linda FashionTan, FashionEyes, Coffee Lips
Eyelashes: Bedroom eyelashes, Cake
Hair: ETD Vivian – Caramel Blackened
Outfit & Jewelry: Zaara Indian Couture


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

13 thoughts on “Indian Bridal by Zaara Kohime (COMING SOON!!!)

  • Candy Lemmon


    Thank you so much for this post; your pictures bring out all the beauty in the outfit, and I can’t wait to buy it for myself.

  • Ana Lutetia

    Your pictures are awesome! <3

  • Strawberry Singh

    Thank you Candy and Ana! 🙂

  • Liqueur Felix

    Impressive ! Looks great on you.
    I love the exotic atmosphere.

    Especially bridal mehndi and heavy glass bracelets !

  • hi i am aroon kumar from India, i am working since 1999 as a designer and exporter i am focused hand embroidered clothing i can develop new designs also your work is extent how did work for you

  • the outfit is real gorgeous i would like to wear something like that on my wedding day.its really nice

  • Wedyan

    i want to order some tops and dress

  • alfozan

    please contact me by E-mail as soon as possbile

  • Hi congratulations for your blog, and i wonder what grapics card do you use cause the photos are so great and realistic.Ty.

  • OMG!!! I love it! I so want this for my wedding! Its amazing 🙂

  • Megna Dutt


    My wedding is in November 2012 and I want to have a lengha like this.

    Can I buy this one, how much is it and in which sizes do you have this one?

    Thanks in advance and BR

  • This outfit is really gorgeous i would like to wear something like that on my wedding day. love it

    please send me more pics and what is the cost of this, where will i be able to purchase this?

    please email me

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