Berry’s Favorite Things – Take 5

This time I’ll be talking about two of my favorite stores.

Alienbear Jewelry Design

I’ve been wanting to blog one of the stores for a long time, but didn’t get a change to get around to it till now. I think one thing everyone should do, if they haven’t already, is join Alienbear Gupte’s group for her Alienbear Jewelry Design Store. I have so many pieces of absolutely beautiful and stunning jewelry, all free, just for being a part of her group. She has a whole member’s section where everything is either free or really inexpensive, just for her members. She really knows how to take care of her members. I have A LOT of jewelry from her store, but I’m only showing the last group gifts that she had. I believe these were for St. Patrick’s Day. But she is always giving something out to her group, so this is a group that you should happily be willing to use up one of your 25 slots for.

Aden Hair

One of my most recent favorites, which I absolutely love and refuse to remove from my head, is the beautiful and gorgeous hair from Aden Breyer. OMG WTF can hair get any more gorgeous??? I think not, seriously! Long or short, Aden’s hair makes me look totally smoking hot, and these are just three of her styles. There are soooooo many more to choose from. One thing I absolutely LOVE about her hair is how it looks great from every angle!

So ummmmm, yeah that’s it folks. Thanks for reading! :P


6 thoughts on “Berry’s Favorite Things – Take 5

  1. portiarossini says:

    *waves* Hello Strawberry!

    I just got a hair from Aden. It is gorgeous ;)

    And I see you are wearing a Zaara creation! I am very very proud of ya!hahaha

    -Portia <3

  2. Strawberry Singh says:

    I knoowwwwwww, I love me some Zaara! hehehe

    And OMG Aden hair is total awesomeness.

  3. Zaara Kohime says:

    i love Aden,
    I have used the *over-used* windblown hair for pics. its one of a kind and i havnt found anything like it elsewhere.

  4. Strawberry Singh says:

    Yes the windblown hair is great on you Zaara. For some reason it didn’t suit me though. :/
    /me shrugs

  5. Lawless McBride says:

    messes yer hairs…

  6. Strawberry Singh says:

    law :P

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