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I discovered Long Awkward Pose because of my dear friend Azar Kazan. I still remember it clearly. It was a cold day in January; yes even in the south :P. When I logged on, barely a second had gone by when Azar messaged me and said, “Hey Berry, quick take the tp and come here. This place is magical!” I quickly took the tp, ready to see a beautiful enchanting sim with fairies and pixie dust. Much to my surprise, I rezzed in a pose store! So then she said, “DUDE! They got awesome poses here for L$25!” I was like, “ NO WAY!” And she was like “WAY!” And that’s when my love affair with Dove Swanson….er I mean Long Awkward Pose started. :)


Since that fateful day in January I’ve been a LAP addict, using primarily LAP poses for most – if not all – of my photography. Here are a few glimpses of how I’ve used Dove’s wonderful poses!

Akasha Kanto

The greatest thing about Dove Swanson is that not only is she keeping her prices reasonable, but also that she has poses for more than just fashionistas. She has poses for everyone: couples, groups, friends, funny poses (who doesn’t need a stinky butt pose?) Also right when you enter her store she has oodles of free poses in gift boxes by the door! She has many poses for your group of friends, lots of poses for couples, over 25 sets full of poses for all us girls and even 8 sets full of poses for men. Of course all of the poses are sold individually as well as in the sets. I guarantee you will not leave the place without picking up at least a few poses for yourself. They are great fun!

Avilion Grove Castle

While you are there don’t forget to click on her subscribe-o-matic thingamajig so you can get all her freebie poses that she sends to all her members cuz she’s just awesome like that. She also does many treasure hunts and such of which you will be notified if you join her group.

Searching for rain

These days she has also started a flickr group and has a weekly contest. YAY! If you have a flickr account, quickly go and join her group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/lapsl and start spamming it with all the amazing pics you’ve taken with her poses. You just might be picked for “rad pic of the week” (according to Dove of course :P)

So what are you waiting for? Get yer butt there now! :P

Climb every mountain

*Click on the pictures for full view and credits.

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8 thoughts on “Long Awkward Pose

  1. Lawless McBride says:

    you forgot to tell everyone to tip doves fabulous doorman and official LAP greeter!!!

  2. Dove Swanson says:

    Awww Strawberry, yer too sweet. :p *hides in a corner somewheres*

  3. Strawberry Singh says:

    errrrrr, does this mean I gotta start tipping the doorman every time I go there now? :P

    /me squishes in the corner with Dove and takes paparazzi pics! :P

  4. bex hathaway says:

    paparazzi pics? is that what all those flashes were when I went there?
    jeez a girl can’t just pop in to buy a pose in her curlers anymore.

  5. Strawberry Singh says:

    /me starts taking paparazzi pics of bex in her curlers. hehehehe

  6. Zaara kohime says:

    love dove! gud job berry!
    LAP greeter, i’d gladly tip u
    (that is, if u ever came out of bzy mode mr. slebrity :P)

    P.S: i desperately want those hairs which the Habibi girl is wearing.

  7. Strawberry Singh says:

    The Habibi girl? You mean Akasha in the pic? She’s wearing hair from Cake I believe.

  8. […] I didn’t even realize how creative and well-done poses can totally transform our pictures. She was also the first posemaker I ever blogged about. I love all of Dove’s poses and still use them till this day but two of my favorite sets of […]

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