I’m so happy!

I’m gonna do the dance of joy.

I LOVE the new release candidate! I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! Did I tell you I love it? No really, I love it!!!

All the problems I had with the previous one which included not being able to move my graphics up to ultra without crashing, not being able to take a pic that was larger than the screen size, and not being able to do much at all because I crashed like every 5 mins have been all fixed, YAY!!!!

With this new release candidate, it has been smooth sailing! I love it! If it was human I would totally marry it! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

/me is so happy, she stuffs chocolate chip cookies in her mouth!

See my pretty windlight?

Lets have a party!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6 thoughts on “I’m so happy!

  1. Strawberry Singh says:

    This post jinxed my release candidate and now I’m constantly crashing again!!!

    /me kicks this post!!!

  2. Zaara Kohime says:

    moti, u never needed a reason to stuff cookies in u r mouth :P

  3. Lawless McBride says:

    did you save a cookie for me?…

  4. Strawberry Singh says:

    sorry I don’t share my cookies! :P

  5. Ana Lutetia says:

    Amazing pic! <3

  6. Strawberry Singh says:

    Thank you Ana. :)

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