YAY I won!


Recently I did a picture for a client and she told me the outfit she was wearing was by Digit Darkes. So we started talking about how awesome Digit Darkes is and how we both love her stuff. Anyhow, when I put the pic on my flickr I thought I would submit it to the Digit Darkes flickr group just for fun because they have random contests going on and today I found out that I actually won for that same pic. YAY!

It’s on the Digit Darkes blog now. I really didn’t expect to win, since I just randomly join contests all the time.

I have submitted two pics to that group, this is the other one. I’m wearing one of my favorite outfits by Digit in this photo!


Thank you Sasy and Digit for the honor and for all the beautiful designs!


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4 thoughts on “YAY I won!

  1. Zaara Kohime says:

    dats ttly hot girl! wht did u win :D

  2. Strawberry Singh says:

    gift certificate to the store. :D

  3. Dove Swanson says:

    Oooo I really love that second photo, very pretty!

  4. Strawberry Singh says:

    Thanks Dove! I actually prefer the second photo myself. :)

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