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Berry’s Favorite Things – Take 3

This time for my favorite things I tried something new for y’all. I discovered an amazing new thing at Club Habibi, an awesome new belly dance! The animations are from Animazoo and they have a huge green chimera in the middle that you just click on and dance your heart away. I loved it soooo much that I tried to make a movie. It’s not the best quality but still loads of fun. So check out this video that I made of myself dancing at my favorite place Club Habibi:

The owner of Club Habibi has also made some videos of people dancing there and posted them up on youtube. Check them out over here:

My next favorite thing for today is the actual silk I’m dancing in. Yes I know another silk, but I wanted to mention this one since I left it out in my silk blog. I absolutely LOVE this Scheherazade Silk by Sparkle Skye. It’s probably the most expensive piece of clothing I have, but damn is it ever worth it! The pictures and videos do not do it justice, you need to see this in world. Go to Sparkle Skye’s store and check out all the beautiful Scheherazade Silks she has in all of the wonderful colors it’s available in. Absolutely stunning silk!

Belly Dancing at Habibi

So that wraps up my favorite things for today. Remember to search for and visit Club Habibi and Sparkle Skye’s store and dance your heart away!

Skin – Starley Thereian – Last Call
Hair – BabyBoo Glitterbuck – HCT
Shoes – Digit Darkes – X3D
Scheherazade Silk – Sparkle Skye
Dance – Animazoo


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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