My newbie days!

So there I was minding my own business organizing my inventory when I ran into this in my photo album. Why I still have this picture…I have no idea! Why am I posting this here and on my flickr, again I have no idea. Probably because I’m bored or I like it when people laugh at me!
My newbie days!

Seriously though, laugh at me and you shall feel my wrath! Is it just me or do I have a really long neck?

It’s ok though, at least I’m all smexxy now. :P


errrrrrr……at least I hope I am! Aren’t I? Say yes or die! :P

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8 thoughts on “My newbie days!

  1. Strawberry Singh says:

    awwww Oscar, thankies. :)

  2. Lawless McBride says:

    oui…and as i showed you last night, we all have noob skeletons in our closet, so we dare not laugh…at least not out loud…

  3. Strawberry Singh says:

    so I guess when I laughed out loud at your newb pic that was not good? :/

  4. Dove Swanson says:

    It’s okay, I laughed too. :D

    And yes, yer purrrrrty! :o oooolala.

  5. Strawberry Singh says:

    awwwwwww, thankies! :D
    /me feels special.

  6. Zaara Kohime says:

    HAHAHA! and th e bindi is crawlign up u r hairline…
    but u looked better than me in my noob days.
    i must post dat in flickr
    when i have enuff pics up der to hide it in a corner.. discreetly..:P)

  7. Strawberry Singh says:

    What are you talking about Zaara, you’re still a newb! :P muahahaha

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