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Because silks are so much fun!

Azar has been on my case to talk about silks for a while. Probably because I have so much silk I don’t even know what to do with it. And trust me, I’m not even wearing half of what I own in the pics below. It’s a little crazy. I used to work for Club Habibi as a belly dancer and hostess and lets just say most of my tips were spent on silks. At one period of time that was all I ever wore so having a lot of it and in many different colors was an absolute necessity. Now it seems like a real special occasion when I bust out my silks, so it’s kinda nice. 🙂

Anyhow, before I start babbling about my favorite shops for silks, I’d like to start off by apologizing for the poor quality of these photos. Since rl has been interfering too much, the only time I have had to take pics is in the middle of the night while my eyes are barely open.

Solange Silks
Solange Silks

Out of all of the hundreds of silks that I have, there are four stores that stick out to be among my most favorite for silks. Lets start with my most favorteristic store, and that would be Solange Fashions. OMG I love all of the silks there. Great styles, phenomenal quality, beautiful colors, what more can you ask for? My most favorite (and sexiest I might add) silks are from Solange.

Analise Silks
Analise Silks

My next favorite would be Analise. The great thing about Analise is they actually have a lucky chair in their store that gives out their silks. And they have beautiful colors and styles and I believe most of their silks are also scripted. Some of them are scripted to change colors and some of them are scripted to be ripped or torn off of you.

Snake Charmer Silks
Snake Charmer Silks

Snake Charmer is actually one of the first places I bought silks from. They have very beautiful and elegant silks, I love the one with the peacock feathers. But one absolutely wonderful thing about Snake Charmer is they have AMAZING belly dance animations and they even have a belly dancing AO!!! I picked up some amazing belly dancing animations from here for L$50 a pop and then stuck them in a chimera and voila, very sexy belly dancing! You need to go pick some up, you won’t regret it! Unfortunately I am having difficulty locating this store at the moment. I have contacted the owner and designer of the Snake Charmer stuff, Lillita Lacey, just waiting for a response. In her picks, the only one that works is the one located at this slurl:
Which takes you to LoveLace Lingerie but it does not contain the silks or the animations. I will get back to you once I find out what has happened to this wonderful little store!

Nasty Dreams Silks
Nasty Dreams Silks

The last, but certainly not least, is a place called Nasty Dreams. They’ve got great prices for very traditional looking belly dancing outfits. The detail and gold work on these outfits is very pretty, especially for the price. And they also have a huge selection with many colors.

So there you have it folks, a selection of some of my favorite silks and silk stores. So if you’re looking for a sexy silk, these are the places to stop by and don’t forget…silks are not just for role playing! You can look just as sexy and fashionable in a silk, with or without a collar! 😛

And that’s my L$0.02.



Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

5 thoughts on “Because silks are so much fun!

  • Zaara Kohime

    awww.. the pics luk fine hun, u r hotness makes up for it… lol.
    my favs are d black one frm the snake charmer place.. and the blue one frm solange

  • my favorite has to be from Last call, but does that really follow the silk definition? that and the one from X3D gorgeousness

  • Strawberry Singh

    I know. I have two from Last Call, the one from x3d and also one from Allure by Sparkle Skye. I love all of these but I was tired of taking pics and then this post would get way too long. 😛

  • Lawless McBride

    i love that blue one from solange, berry!!…and nasty dreams??…none of my nasty dreams ever had girls that look like that in them…i always had overweight inmates with too few teeth and a pillow case pulled over my head!!!

  • Strawberry Singh

    You have weird dreams Mr. McBride! 😛

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