New menswear from Zaara Indian Couture

This is for all you men out there! Zaara Kohime has finally released her amazing new indian mens line. When I saw the new menswear that was designed by Zaara Kohime, of Zaara Indian Couture at Taste of India, it brought me back to my childhood of watching old bollywood period movies.


This is just the start of Zaara Kohime’s mens line. I cannot stress enough what great quality her clothes are, from the beautiful textures to the perfectly done prims. Her clothing is something you just have to try at least once in your second life.

Aside from this wonderfully done outfit, there are some beautiful new rajasthani turbans for all you men out there. I have yet to see more traditional Indian clothing anywhere else. So if all you men are in the mood to feel like royalty, get down to Taste of India today and pick yourself up one of these.

And ladies of course, she has some absolutely beautiful Indian clothing for us. You cannot find better quality Indian clothes anywhere else, except Taste of India!

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5 thoughts on “New menswear from Zaara Indian Couture

  1. Zaara Kohime says:

    hotness, u have done it again *muvaaaaah*

  2. swaffette Firefly says:

    absolutely stunning congrats zaara

  3. what program does she use?

  4. Strawberry Singh says:

    I believe she uses photoshop, but you’d have to ask her. :)

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