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Zaara Kohime is Awesomeness!

Zaara Kohime‘s latest designs are so breath taking! Rarely has a designer impressed me so much that every single one of their creations amazes me. If I could, I would purchase all of them. This new designer has so much promise, I am so looking forward to seeing what else she’ll come up with next.

Shatranj by Zaara Kohime

Her designs are so beautifully made and the prim work is about the most perfect I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing worse than buying a gorgeous dress with amazing textures only to discover the designer has no clue what they are doing when it comes to prims. I love the fact that Zaara pays so much attention to detail.

New look

Zaara Indian Couture is located in the Taste of India mall. When she first opened up shop a little over a month ago, I quickly scooped up three of her many designs. Since then she has released these amazing halter tops and now this new lehenga with a top that I would call absolute perfection. You will be amazed by the textures and also the silky look of the flexi skirt. I love the little details like the little ribbon tied at the back.

Another amazing thing about Zaara is that she will custom design any of her outfits she has for sale in any color you want for no extra charge!

I know she’s got more releases coming up soon, amazing dresses in beautiful textures and the best part, a men’s line for all you men out there! So many very exciting things coming from this new designer that everyone should take a look at. So visit Zaara Indian Couture at Taste of India today! I give it two thumbs up! 🙂

Keep up to date with her new designs by searching for “Zaara Indian Couture” under groups and join her group. Or visit her Zaara’s blog or flickr!

*Click on the images for credits and for a closer look! 🙂


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