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Berry’s Favorite Things – Take 2

Twirling in the Wheatfield
Originally uploaded by ★Berry★

As promised I am back again with my favorite things! This time I want to let y’all know of my current favorite place and current favorite outfit and designer.

Let’s start with the wheat field at The Far Away sim. OMG, I love love love this place. I cannot get enough of it as you can see by my recent flickr pictures, it’s just gorgeous! It’s not very big at all, but it is just so calming and open. The owner also gave me this nifty little dragonfly sitting on my shoulder when I visited one day. I go there when I just want to observe the beauty in SL without all the lag, crowd and fuss. Visit it now if you haven’t been. It’s a great place to take pictures as you can see!!!

That's alotta skin!

My next favorite thing for today is this new fusion outfit by one of my favorite designers, Noori Noonan of Noori Designs at Taste of India! She designs mainly Indian clothing with beautiful textures and this new Indian inspired mini skirt is just amazing! I don’t always want to wear a big lehnga or wrap myself up with a sari, but I do love those textures. So the fusion outfit works so well and is great for dancing and lotsa fun! It comes in so many beautiful colors and also with those beautiful bangles and belly jewels.


If you have never been to Taste of India or the wheat field at The Far Away sim, I suggest y’all click those links and go there now! You won’t regret it!


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

2 thoughts on “Berry’s Favorite Things – Take 2

  • Lawless McBride

    nice post berry!!…i love the wheat field too…you didnt happen to find a contact the last time you were there, did you?…i lost it rasslin with dove…thats what they call “it” in north carolina, who knew?

  • Strawberry Singh

    lol Actually I didn’t Lawless, but next time I’m there I’ll make sure to take a look for you.

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