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OMG the sales!

Okay can I just say, because of ETD and Last Call, I am now officially bankrupt. But who minds really? Not me! 😀

So after spending all my lindens in the last week, I have decided that this is my new favorite outfit!

The black pearls from Muse were always high on my list of favs. You can’t get any more perfect in a piece of jewelry than that. I just needed the perfect dress to wear them with.

This stunning dress from Last Call is absolute perfection to me. The detail, the lace, the fit all the way down to the flexi skirt is just amazing. (And at only L$100, it’s PHENOMENAL!!!)

I never imagined that I would be able to pull off such short hair, but just look how amazing this style from ETD looks. This is not the only short style that I picked up from ETD either, and they all look fabulous. ETD is the place to go for sophisticated hair. They may not have the best flexi, but you just can’t find this kind of style any where else.

Minx shoes are also one of my fav places for shoes. They have a great selection and they are really well made! I cannot tell you how much I wear these black heels, they’re great!

Don’t think this is all I bought though, hehehe. Oh no, not at all. Visit my flickr to see all of my shopping! Here’s a few more of my favs!

Thanks to Last Call and ETD my inventory has become even more fashionable!



Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

3 thoughts on “OMG the sales!

  • Sheila Yoshikawa

    Is that Alexandria (or Alexandra)? That was one of the first dresses I bought in SL and I still come back to the top and the skirt, they go with so many things, yay ….. I’ve not managed to get on the Dazzle sim yet ;-((

  • Miss Kazan, if you're nasty

    Holy MCcrap Berry! you look gorgeous The Flapper hair is fuckign awesome on you

    I’d tap that

  • Strawberry Singh

    Sheila yes that is the Alexandra, I love it! 🙂

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