Starley Thereian how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Vogue skin
Originally uploaded by Strawberry Singh

From my makeup, my lashes, my facial ornamentation, my nipples and finally my grab-able butt, I love Ms. Thereian from the bottom of my heart!

Starley’s is the only skin I’ve purchased on SL, only because I’ve tried a gazillion other demos and, because of my shape, they either make me look like a tranny, a cartoon or completely ruin my features. I have also never seen Starley’s skin look bad on ANY shape. It’s just so universal, so real and absolutely delicious! My skin is the vogue skin, vamp series made exclusively for Last Call, but you must also go to Celestial Studios and check out the vogue skin, glitter series, because OMG WTF it’s gorgeous!

Seriously though, I am only this beautiful because of Starley. This woman is a complete genius and I figured my first post should be to thank her for all my beauty.

So like ummmm, yeah. I love you Starley!



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