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I met Ebbe Linden!

Friday Find: A Petrovsky Flux

Friday Find: A Petrovsky Flux

There has been a lot of buzz about this sim recently all over twitter and some travel blogs that I felt compelled to go see it myself. I first heard about it through Ziki Questi when she blogged about how it may eventually disappear. So I made a note to possibly visit it soon. Soon came earlier than I thought it would when I noticed the new CEO of Linden Lab tweet that he was currently at the sim. Then of course I couldn’t resist stalking him.

A Petrovsky Flux
(SLurl to A Petrovsky Flux)

Once I plurked that I was heading there, a few plurkers followed and soon we had a crowd. He came and actually chatted with us for a bit. It’s nice to see him actually exploring the grid and chatting with the residents.

It was also interesting to see his avatar, which wasn’t completely newbie and almost kind of looked like the RL Ebbe.

> Closeup of Ebbe Linden
> Ebbe Linden surrounded by ladies
> More pics on my.secondlife profile feed
> SLurl to A Petrovsky Flux
> Flickr Group for A Petrovsky Flux

I think if you have some time, you should definitely visit this sim. Not sure how much longer it will be up there, but it’s a fantastic build. The concept is so magical and mind-blowing. I saw things destruct and fall apart in front of my own eyes and then I was pushed around by a floating sofa. It’s definitely an interesting visit.

I met Ebbe Linden!

Weekly Roundup

  1. Botgirl’s Blog – Avatars Swoon as Linden Lab CEO Visits Virtual World – Botgirl made a little parody post referring to the way a bunch of us that saw the CEO inworld reacted on twitter. We were kind of like fangirling schoolgirls, sharing pictures and such. The best part about this parody is that I’m in it (kind of)! So it’s a must read. Botgirl didn’t quite undertstand why we all behaved that way, I don’t either to be honest. I guess for me, it was more excitement that I’ll finally be able to get a picture of him for a meme…which I did! LOL! So yeah, perhaps there WILL be an Ebbe meme in the very near future, I just need to figure out all the details.
  2. 26 day inventory alphabet challenge – For those into daily blog challenges, Vanessa Blayblock is running the alphabet challenge for the month of April. It started on the 1st but you can join in at any time. I might try and do a few if I remember. You can read that post for more info and also check out the daily videos she has been posting.
  3. The Drax Files: World Makers [ Episode 18: Paradise Lost] – This month Drax Files video series comes back with episode 18 and a focus on Paradise Lost, the performance by the Basilique.
  4. The Drax Files Radio Hour – Of course the Drax Files podcast is released every Friday and I try to link to it every week so you guys are aware. It’s one of my favorite podcasts as Drax and Jo cover a lot of information about virtual reality and all the news surrounding it. Last week they talked more in-depth about Oculus Rift and this week they focused on Second Life TOS. I learn a great deal from these podcasts, I hope you guys give them a listen!
  5. I was discussing my greatest fear in life on twitter earlier, what’s your greatest fear?

Arabian Nights

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Get Lucky!

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Happy New Year!

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