Zombie Apocalypse

My addiction to The Walking Dead is slowly taking over my blog, but I just couldn’t resist. You see, I went back to do TAG! Gacha and I completed it! I picked up the HUD at the starting… Read More

Kiss Me Deadly

I’m not a regular roleplayer but I do love to dress up from time to time. If you are a roleplayer you might be interested in this contest I heard about. I’m thinking of entering but I need… Read More

Going Blonde

le masque diamant skin by Mesut Collins and Gia Pawpad Friday I blogged as a brunette, earlier today I was a redhead and now I’m a blonde. I know I seem indecisive but I felt like having a… Read More

More Questions about Exodus

Click here to see the raw shot of this image. Recently a lot of you have switched over to using Exodus Viewer and have been contacting me about a few things that you guys are all having problems… Read More

Vignettes – Costumery

The October issue of Avenue Magazine has just hit the stands and for this month I thought I would talk about my favorite costume store on the grid, Deviance. If you’ve never been to Deviance, you’re missing out… Read More


The month of Ramadan has come to an end and Eid ul-Fitr is upon us. I usually wear something ethnic-ish (is that a word?) for my ramadan and eid posts but when I received this gorgeous dress a… Read More

Oh look, I’m shagging!

Photography by the talented and handsome Sebastien Aries. So I totally stole this off Mr. Aries’ flickr because I LOVE how “AMAZE” it turned out! (There you go Sebastien, didn’t think I would blog that word, did ya?… Read More


Zaara Kohime has released two items from her new denim collection already. Last week she released the classic jeans that were clean cut and completely hand drawn with 4 different options for cuffs. Today she released her distressed… Read More

Exodi Sylvan

Ryker Beck of Exodi released a pretty new skin today by the name of Sylvan. A teaser of Sylvan was out last week for 50L friday but to my understanding there have been some changes made for this… Read More

Spring Collection

Azure Electricteeth of Tee*fy is coming out with a new brand called LaViere. LaViere will be on the Elsewhere sim and will open its doors to us this coming Saturday. Azure will kick it all off by releasing… Read More


There’s an exciting new store by the name of Shine, created by talented photographer Sophy Violet. Shine brings us sophisticated attire while utilizing a lot of sculpts to add drama and flair to the design. Check out Shine… Read More

I feel pretty

A quick post because I really felt so pretty in this skin so I wanted to share. The skin is called Emery, it’s from Grixdale and I am wearing the mocha tone. It’s a special Valentine makeup so… Read More

Earthstones @ Jewelry Fair

I figured I would start my jewelry fair posts with one of my favorite sets in the whole fair. That most definitely would be the Gothique from Earthstones. Now I did try my very best but I know… Read More


Hair Fair begins in just a few days and the excitement is overwhelming. Unfortunately RL work has been kicking my ass so I haven’t had the time to really open all the boxes or even begin to sort…. Read More

Love Thursday – Olive Juice

Olive Juice is definitely one of my top five pose stores. I just love IsabellaGrace Baroque‘s creativity in not only her poses, but the props that she uses and even her vendor images. Using her poses and props… Read More


“Last night your lost memory crept into my heart” Faiz Ahmed Faiz Credits: *Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Mocha by Tricky Boucher *Hair: >TRUTH< Tia2 - espresso by Truth Hawks *Jacket: Aoharu – FrontKnotShirt Plaid/Green by machang Pichot *Shirt:... Read More

Beautiful Bloom

The Beautiful Bloom Designers event started today and will run through till April 23rd. The following stores have exclusive Spring-themed items available at each of their stores: Olive Juice by IsabellaGrace Baroque Wot? by Lili Revnik Molto Bene!… Read More