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Ask Me Anything Challenge

Ask Me Anything

About a year and a half ago I created an account on and put it on my blog and some of my social media asking people to send me any questions they wanted to ask me. Since this kind of thing is anonymous, you can imagine some of the questions I’ve received so far. I’ve answered about 400 questions and have over 100 still in queue. A lot of them of course are goofy ones from some of my friends but there are a few that were interesting.

One of the questions that I was asked was if I was going to share some of the questions and answers on my blog and possibly make a post or meme about it. So here it is, my first meme of the summer. I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to do the Monday Memes through the summer since I’m fasting this month and then next month I’ll be travelling again, but I’ll try and do them whenever I get the chance.

Ask Me Anything

Here are some of the questions that you guys had sent me via that I had answered and thought were interesting:

  1. If Linden Lab shut the door on Second Life, what do you think you might do to replace it, or the time you spend on it. Gaming, school, work, reading, other virtual world, etc?
    Answer: I will probably find something else to blog about. I enjoy blogging. I’ve been thinking about doing RL Vlogging on youtube, so I might do that, who knows.
  2. What would you consider your mission statement for your blog?
    Answer: The reason and mission for my blog is for me to share what I find beautiful and inspiring. I also want to engage other bloggers as well as provide some entertainment and information. At the same time enjoying myself. I come to SL to get away from RL pressures, this is my place of entertainment, fun and relaxation and my blog reflects that.
  3. What would you change about your SLife right now if you could just press a magic button and have it automatically happen?
    Answer: Nothing. Oh wait…for my inventory to be automatically organized.
  4. What topic would you like to see explored in a non fashion blog post? Anything you are curious about and want someone else to do all the research?
    Answer: I want someone to write an in-depth post about what is the best computer hardware for running SL. I want them to have tested all sorts of video cards and such and see which ones have the least/most amount of glitches, etc… I WANT ALL THE DETAILS!
  5. Do you have a point of contact in SL? Someone that a person from your RL knows to contact in case something happens to you or you are unable to get online for an extended period of time?
    Answer: Yes, if anything were to happen to me, a close relative will contact Zaara Kohime and give her all of the details.
  6. What provides you the most inspiration and motivation to keep learning and growing? What keeps you from being held back by the common negativity in SecondLife and elsewhere?
    Answer: It took me a long time to get to this point where I don’t let negativity affect me any longer. I just learned to ignore and not care. I also learned to work on my relationships in RL. Being happier, productive and feeling good about myself in RL has helped me stay motivated and inspired, in both lives. Most of my inspiration for blogging comes from the content I find in SL, other bloggers as well as RL fashion magazines.
  7. How do you deal with other bloggers (who don’t know you personally) that are spiteful towards you?
    Answer: I ignore them and pretend they don’t exist because I have better things to do with my time then worry about what some random person on the internet thinks of me. Second Life is my hobby, I’m here to have fun and that’s what I keep my focus on.
  8. What is your advice to those that admire you and what you do, hoping to be able to do some of the same things with as much confidence as you often seem to have?
    Answer: Ignore most of what everyone else does, says and suggests and go with your gut. Go with what you like, what attracts you, what works best for you and what you find inspirational and entertaining. Once you do that, you will truly enjoy blogging, or whatever it is you are doing, and that enjoyment will show in your work and people will know you are being your authentic you.
  9. Name 5 favorite events in Second Life.
    Answer: FaMESHEed because I have discovered so many new original mesh designers through them.
    Mens Dept because it has really helped me dress ManBerry and again discovered so many talented mens designers through it.
    Pose Fair because I love poses and pose props. I think they are a really important part of my photography for my blog.
    Hair Fair because I have a serious addiction to hair.
    Skin Fair because helloooo skinssss!!!
  10. Name three of your favourite blogs.
    This was a very hard question because I am an avid blog reader for a variety of reasons. Each blog has its own charm. However, since you asked for favs, here are a few in different categories and why I chose them (sorry I went over three though):
    Real Life Blogs:
    Informative: Mashable – I get so much information from Mashable, it’s one of my favs. There are many others that are just as good but this is one that is usually the first to pop into my head.
    Travel: Stuck In Customs – I love Trey’s pictures so much and I pretty much stalk him on every social network. He is so incredibly talented.
    Fashion: The Sartorialist – Probably one of my most favorites out there. I just love what he does and how he does it. I have thought about doing something similar in SL, just going around to different sims, stopping stylish looking people and taking pics of them, but then I realize they will probably think I’m insane, lol.
    Funny: The Bloggess – She just KILLS me. I cannot tell you how much I laugh every time I read any one of Jenny’s posts. She’s also totally hilarious on twitter as well.
    Second Life Blogs:
    Informative: Inara Pey – Anytime I have any tech questions about SL or wondering what the newest and latest thing is that is happening with Linden Lab, I always turn to Inara’s blog for an informative overview. She’s fantastic and so good at keeping us informed.
    Travel: Honour McMillan – So many amazing Second Life travel blogs these days but I have to choose Honour’s because not only does she take breathtaking images of all the different places on the grid, but she actually writes a lot on her blog and I love reading her thoughts.
    Fashion: Miaa Rebane – This was the toughest choice because there are so many amazing fashion bloggers out there but in the end I gotta go with Miaa because in my eyes she is like the epitome of style in SL. She is flawless.
    Funny: Tymmerie Thorne – Tymmerie is so funny. The things that she comes up with and the way she words things, she always manages to crack me up!

Meme instructions: Do an “Ask Me Anything” post by creating an account on and sharing it with your blog readers, or, answer the same questions I have answered above. I’ve listed them in this text file so they are easy for you to copy and paste.

If you decide not to answer the same questions I answered and just create an account, please make sure you are ready to receive all kinds of comments, criticism and questions. When you are giving people a way to send you messages anonymously in that way, you have to grow a pretty thick skin and be prepared for anything. Not everyone will like you or the things that you say and do and some people, when given the opportunity, can use moments like this to try and hurt you. Hopefully all will go well though and we won’t end up like the Fifty Shades of Grey Author and her Twitter Q&A.

Please remember that you can participate in any of the challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years. You don’t have to have a blog to do this challenge, you can share your image on any social platform.

*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3 by Onyx LeShelle
*Skin: -Glam Affair – Eles Jamaica B 02 F by Aida Ewing (@ Shiny Shabby) (SLurl)
*Hair: MINA Hair – Elvire – Natural (materials) by Mina Nakamura (@ Kustom9)
*Dress: ISON – off shoulder dress -Maitreya Lara Body- (tan) by Harry Hyx (@ Uber)
*Necklace: Cae :: Balance :: Necklace by Caelan Hancroft (flickr)
*Sunglasses: GizzA – Oversized Cat-Eye Sunglasses [Floral Relief] by Giz Seorn
*Shoes: Pure Poison – Katarina Sandals – Brown – Maitreya Medium by Shaleene Kenin (@ Uber)
*Poses: Vestige by Vestige Creations
Location: Flux Sur Mer

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