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Bento is Live on the Second Life Viewer!

Bento is Live on the Second Life Viewer!

Project Bento is now finally live in the main Second Life default viewer. Since Linden Lab announced this yesterday, I have seen numerous people asking what Bento is and where they can pick up some Bento items. I’m going to try to cover that in this post and video.

  1. What is Bento?On December 15th, 2015, Linden Lab announced a new project called Bento. Basically what they are doing is adding additional bones to the Second Life avatar skeleton to support both rigging and animation. On December 5th, 2016 Linden Lab announced that Bento is now live on the main Second Life default viewer. You can download the default viewer at this link.
  2. Firestorm Bento Alpha Viewer – Firestorm has an alpha version of their Bento viewer available for download, however, you must join their group to get access to it because right now they are in the testing phase and they are requesting people join their Phoenix-Firestorm Preview Group inworld then check the notices for a notecard that will have the download link in it.
  3. My Project Bento tag on my blog – Keep an eye on my Project Bento tag on my blog for all posts I make about Bento.
  4. My Project Bento YouTube PlayLists – Keep an eye on my Project Bento YouTube Playlist for all videos I make about Bento.

I’ve done a video showing some Bento items that are on the market now:

Here are links to some of the Bento items I mentioned in the video:

  • Vista Animations Bento Mesh Hands – I’ve blogged these hands before but now I’ve shown how you can manipulate them even more in the video. They are available on marketplace as well as the Vista Animations mainstore.
  • Vista Dance and other animations – The little Bento dance I showed in the video along with some of the animations will be available at the Vista mainstore very soon.
  • Pink Hustler Static Heart Poses for Bento Mesh Hands – The static heart poses I showed in the video were from Pink Hustler and they will work with any Bento rigged mesh hands, such as the Vista ones above. These static poses are available at the Pink Hustler mainstore.
  • FATE Hand Poser HUD (For Bento Hands)The Fate Hand Pose HUD can be used to pose bento rigged mesh hands into any pose that you prefer. This is seriously a game changer! I really love the versatility that this HUD offers. I am hoping for an update to this HUD that will also let us pose other people’s bento rigged hands too. (hint hint Mr. Damien Fate :P) Some other Bento items that Mr. Fate has released are: FATEplay-Animated-Cloak and FATEplay Animated Wings. I blogged the wings at this link.
  • Catwa Catya Bento Add-ons – I talked about a few add-ons that you can purchase for your Catwa Catya Bento Mesh Head, here are links to them: Tongue Animation, Rotate Ears Lock HUD, New Bento Animations & Expressions, and Bento Gum coming soon.
  • My Shape for Catwa Catya BentoThe shape I’m wearing in this video is available in my marketplace store and in the video I talked about how you can reset the skeleton using one of the gestures that come with the Catya head if your shape doesn’t look like mine does. This happens to me every time I change any shape with this head or login or logout. Not sure what the glitch is, but hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

Here is a list of Bento Mesh Heads that have already been released or will be soon:

Those are all the Bento mesh heads I’ve noticed so far. If you know of any other bento mesh heads on the market, please leave a link to them in the comments!

UPDATE: I just found out that Daiz Papp has also released some bento mesh hands and has put them on marketplace for free so you guys can give them a try also.

I think that about covers all of the Bento information that I have. I hope my video and post help you understand Bento a bit better and give you an idea of what things you’d like to possibly play around with once you update your viewers. I have been looking forward to Bento for a year now and so far it has met all of my expectations; so a big shout-out to Linden Lab for continuing to offer us a brilliant platform where we can get creative with our imaginations, thanks guys!

What I’m wearing:
Shape: Catya Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Catya v1.04 by Catwa Clip
*Skin Applier: Glam Affair Kelly by Aida Ewing (flickr)
*Eyes: Catwa Mesh Eyes by Catwa Clip
*Bento Hands: VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM-V.2BETA  by Vista Barnes
*Mesh Ears: [MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season5 by kikunosuke Eel
*Hair: NO.MATCH_NO.SOLUTION.female by n0match (@ Hairology soon)
*Jacket, Shirt & Necklace: Addams new release (flickr)
*Jeans: erratic / swift – jeans by erratic rain
*Shoes: #EMPIRE – Primrose by QUEENshop
Location: Virtual Decay

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