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Catwa Mesh Heads in Second Life


Catwa is definitely in the lead for most number of mesh heads released. To date she has released a few male mesh heads, a few female premium mesh heads, several female basic mesh heads and a few static mesh heads which cost L$400 or less. For a full list of pricing on all these different heads and what they come with, check out Catwa’s price chart on her flickr.

This week she released 3 new female heads. One basic head, AnnaGrey, which costs L$900 and two static heads, Ashanty & Skye, which are both L$400 each.

I’ve done three different videos, one for each head, showing each head in several different skins and for the AnnaGrey head I also showed the animations pack that you can purchase separately.

The static heads only come in 1 closed lips and 4 parted lips versions. There will never be any expressions, updates or add-ons for static mesh heads.

Watch the video for AnnaGrey basic mesh head on YouTube:

In the AnnaGrey basic mesh head video I am wearing hair from No.Match at Hairology for September, and here is a list of appliers I tried on in the video:

> L’Etre Bella
> Session Zoey
> DeeTaleZ Ronda
> Amara Beauty Priya
> Birth Opal
> Glam Affair Hope
> Insol Marcela
> Bold & Beauty Liu

Watch the video for Ashanty basic mesh head on YouTube:

In the Ashanty Static mesh head video I am wearing hair from Emo.tions at Hairology for September and here is a list of appliers I tried on in the video:

> Glam Affair Gio
> Session Zoey
> Amara Beauty Priya
> L’Etre Safora
> DeeTaleZ Ronda
> Insol Ashley
> YSYS Danana
> Modish Nata
> Bold & Beauty Liu

Watch the video for Skye basic mesh head on YouTube:

In the Skye Static mesh head video I am wearing hair from Exile at the Arcade, and here is a list of appliers I tried on in the video:

> Amara Beauty Priya
> Glam Affair Gio
> DeeTaleZ Ronda
> Birth Opal
> Leforme Milena
> Insol Daria
> YSYS Bambi
> Modish Nata
> Bold & Beauty Scarlet

Catwa recently posted an image on her flickr which was a compilation of a lot of her mesh heads with a Deetalez applier on all of them. I thought it was quite interesting to see how different they all were, even with the same skin, so I am embedding Catwa’s image below, but you can also click over to her flickr for a closer look.

Head down to the Catwa mainstore and try some DEMOs!

UPDATE: Catwa has added a new image to her flickr today announcing that the static heads will only be at their promotional prices until September 10th, after that the price will increase, click over and read for all of the details:
Last Chance Offers

UPDATE: Catwa is also doing a major update on all her heads, to V4.11. Check out her blog post to see which ones have already been updated and which ones will be updated soon.

The next image is a bit NSFW so I am going to post it under the cut.

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Berry by Lessthen Zero

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Luxe Box August 2016 Unboxing Video!

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Catwa Destiny Mesh Head Almost on a weekly basis someone asks me which is my favorite Catwa mesh head and I usually have a few that I name off: Annie, Gwen and Alice are the first ones I mention. Now I have to admit that Destiny has replaced them all. I really love this head. Catwa […] Continue reading →

Art Installation by Myra Wildmist

Myra Wildmist is a very talented photographer in Second Life that often uses projectors and light in her work. She currently has an art installation at the University of Western Australia (UWA) Exhibition. Myra’s installation is called “Dancer” and she has used projectors to give it an interesting perspective. When you teleport to her installation, you […] Continue reading →

I Stand for Peace

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Say My Name

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Happy Eid!

Wednesday, July 6th is probably going to be Eid al-Fitr for most of the world, at least it is in my town. It all depends on the moon so it can vary from region to region. Eid al-Fitr occurs the day after the last day of fasting (the month of Ramadan). It is supposed to be […] Continue reading →

Pulse Fundraiser in Second Life

After so generously setting up the donation kiosk to support the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, Casper Warden of Caspervend has teamed up with Skye Everidge, and CerberusXing has donated the sim, for the Pulse Fundraiser in Second Life. Donations from all items for sale at this event will be going to the Pulse […] Continue reading →

Seraphim HUD

On Saturday, June 25th the Seraphim team will be making our Second Life shopping experience even more convenient! They will release a shopping HUD, for FREE, which will assist you in discovering all of the current shopping events going on in Second Life and teleport to them with just a click of a button inworld. I’ve […] Continue reading →