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Friday Find: Blithe

> Blithe SLurl
> Blithe Flickr Group

Blithe, which means cheerful & carefree, is owned by the talented Ms. Harlow Heslop and is adjacent to the Pixel Bean Coffeehouse. They are both on two adjoining nature sims with many areas for you to explore and spend time with loved ones. I’ve spent a lot of time there the past few days just enjoying the atmosphere with close friends. Hope you get a chance to visit and spend some time there as well.

UPDATE: One thing I forgot to mention. You can join the Blithe Inworld Group for L$200 and be able to rez poses, props and other items there for your photographic needs. You’ll find the Group Sign as well as a donation box at the landing point.




Weekly Roundup

  1. Photographer of the Week: Emma – Emma’s pictures are whimsical and magical and I find them so incredibly artistic. One of my favorite images of hers is Burning Soul. I love everything about this image: her look, her processing and her absolutely stunning avatar.
  2. The Drax Files Radio Hour – show #56 marketing SL – This week the brilliant Canary Beck is on with Drax discussing what she believes the Lab should be focusing on when marketing Second Life. Very interesting show this week.
  3. Draxtor Despres’ 8th Rezday – It was Draxtor’s 8th rezday on Friday, February 20th and he threw a very rockin’ rezday party, which I attended and took many pictures at. I have put some on my flickr as well as twitter.  Quite a few lindens were there as well so I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of Xiola Linden while she tore up the dance floor. I also had one of the cutest dance partners at the party too. It was great fun! Happy Rezday Drax, thank you for all that you do for Second Life! <3
  4. Diesel Works Sale! – If you are looking for some poses, animations and unique props, head on over to Diesel Works because currently everything in the store is 50% off for a limited time!
  5. How big is your inventory? – On Thursday Linden Lab asked their Facebook Fans how many items they had in their inventory and I was feeling ashamed of my high number at 127K but luckily shortly after I shared mine, many people came in after me and started sharing their higher numbers, one person was even in the 400K region. Needless to say, I feel much better about my number now. What’s your inventory number?
  6. Buzzfeed Quiz of the Week: Who Would You Be If You Weren’t Yourself? – Well, gotta admit, this gave me a chuckle. No one believes me when I say I’m sweet and innocent, now we have proof! :P

Hope you guys had a great weekend. Remember to drop by tomorrow for my Monday Meme! <3

Friday Find: Paradiso

Friday Find: Paradiso Ziki Questi sent me a landmark to Paradiso a few weeks ago. Today when I dropped by, I got a notification that Paradiso might close in 18 days. It’s a beautiful water sim which has a serene feel to it. I’m not sure why it may be closing in 18 days, but […] Continue reading →

I met Ebbe Linden!

Friday Find: A Petrovsky Flux There has been a lot of buzz about this sim recently all over twitter and some travel blogs that I felt compelled to go see it myself. I first heard about it through Ziki Questi when she blogged about how it may eventually disappear. So I made a note to […] Continue reading →

Friday Find: Frisland

Friday Find: Frisland This week’s Friday Find is not open to the public as of yet, it opens on Sunday, March 30th. The sim is owned by Charlie Namiboo, Annabell Barzane and Frislanda Ferraris. A few weeks ago, Frislanda did a search on Google for the origin of his name and found an article about […] Continue reading →

Arabian Nights

This is not the typical Friday Find that I usually do every week where I share an image of a location with you, but I will share a couple of locations/slurls that may be of interest. I took the first image at Illusions Arabian Marketplace. It’s a very pretty build with bold textures and I’ve […] Continue reading →