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FATEwear 2015 Holiday Giveaway! 2015 Holiday Giveaway!

Before I get into the details of the giveaway I’m having this year, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you. Yesterday I found out that I won two AVI Choice Fashion Awards: Favorite Fashion Blogger and Favorite Fashion Blog. It truly means a lot to be appreciated for something you love to do. Blogging is not only just a hobby of mine, but it has slowly become a passion. I enjoy sharing a bit of my Second (and sometimes real) life here with you all and I am so thankful for all of your support and encouragement. So thank you for voting and thinking of me and also a big thank you to the AVI Choice team for putting it all together!

I was just told today that I am also nominated for a ‘Best of YouTube’ for Second Life Brasil Awards.  I’m not sure why I’m nominated in that category though as I don’t have many videos on my youtube channel, perhaps it’s because I’ve started streaming Second Life on youtube? Anyways, I really think Drax is the one that deserves this award as he has brought so much positive attention to SL through his World Makers youtube series. So if you get a moment, please vote for Draxtor Despres!

I wanted to show my appreciation and have a giveaway on my blog for this holiday season as a thank you to all of you for the continuous support. I started doing this annual holiday giveaway in 2013 when I gave away 5 gift cards to 5 of my favorite stores. In 2014 I gave away a L$5000 gift card to Maitreya.

This year I have decided to give away two gift cards, one for Catwa worth L$4000 and the second a photography gift card for a single portrait by me worth L$1500. One lucky winner will get this folder dropped on them:

To use these gift cards:
> For the Strawberry Singh Photography card, you must rez it and open the contents. You will then receive a folder with a notecard inside named “Book with Berry” that will contain full instructions on how to redeem your card.
> For the Catwa gift card, you must wear it, go to the Catwa mainstore and click on the gift cards redeemer to earn store credits. 2015 Holiday Giveaway!

The reason I chose Catwa this year is because they have mesh heads for both men and women now, as you can see from the picture above, and so far all of their mesh heads are L$3599 each. Therefore the L$4000 gift card should cover the full cost of a mesh head and perhaps any hair you would like to purchase along with it. Yes Catwa also carries some gorgeous hair! I have also heard that Catwa will be releasing even more mesh heads in the coming year, so even if there is nothing there right now that interests you, I’m sure you will be able to use your gift card in the near future.

Please note that this giveaway is not affiliated with or sponsored by Catwa in any way. I have purchased the gift card with my own money as a thank you gift for all the love and support you guys give me.

I have been on a mesh head blogging binge this year and I’ve really been enjoying it. I figured it would be a great opportunity to ask you guys some questions about mesh heads and what your feelings are about them, especially since this is such a heated topic!

Giveaway Instructions

Leave a comment in this post by answering the following questions:

  1. What is your full Second Life name?
  2. Do you own a mesh head?
  3. How do you feel about mesh heads? Do you feel they make everyone look like a clone or do you enjoy dressing up your avatar with them?

Aside from the questions, (and this is not a mandatory part of entering the giveaway) I would appreciate it if you shared this post on at least one of your social networks.

The giveaway will end on December 18th at 8am SLT, so you have a little under two weeks to leave a comment and enter. As I have done in previous years, on December 18th at 8am SLT I will input all your names into the Randomizer and let the website choose the winner. I will announce the winner’s name in the comments after that time and then drop the giveaway folder on them.

I decided to go with December 18th because it is a week before Christmas and in case you didn’t want to use the gift cards for yourself, you are free to gift them to a loved one for the holiday season. Or you can just treat yourself! :P Photography Gift Cards and Advertising Sale

Since it is the holiday season, I thought this would be a great time to mention that I have my Photography Gift Cards up for sale in my marketplace store, in case you are looking for a gift for your loved ones:
Strawberry Singh Photography - L$1500 Gift Card for Single Portraits Strawberry Singh Photography - L$2000 Gift Card for Couples Portraits
> (SS) Strawberry Singh Photography – L$1,500 Gift Card (single portrait)
> (SS) Strawberry Singh Photography – L$2,000 Gift Card (couples/group portrait)

Also just a quick reminder that my current advertising sale ends on December 15th, 2015. Awards

I’ve saved all of the awards and trophies I’ve received so far and I thought it would be nice to take an image of a few of them. It really brought back a lot of memories seeing them again. The lovely Mr. Jefferson also sent me a glass cabinet to display all of them in so I set them up in my house inworld. Thank you again for visiting my blog and voting for me, I really appreciate it!

I can’t believe this year is almost over, it’s gone by so fast. Thank you for all the love in 2015. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your real and Second Life families. Happy Holidays! ♥

Credits for 1st picture:
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Annie V4.3 by Catwa Clip
*Skin Applier: DeeTaleZ Appliers CATWA “Face Maddison” by Steffi Villota (blog)
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Hazel by Ikon Innovia
*Hair: Truth Solace by Truth Hawks (@ we love roleplay)
*Jewelry: Eudora 3D Eos Set by Eudora3D (@ we love roleplay)

Credits for 2nd picture:
What Strawberry Singh is wearing:
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Annie V4.3 by Catwa Clip
*Skin Applier: DeeTaleZ Appliers CATWA “Face Maddison” by Steffi Villota (blog)
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Hazel by Ikon Innovia
*Hair: MINA Hair – Hanne 01 by Mina Nakamura
*Sweater: [Decoy] Laurel Cowl Neck Sweater – Black by Annette Voight
*Necklace: [MANDALA]KYARA/Volcano by kikunosuke Eel
*Bangles: [MANDALA]KYARA-BANGLE/Virunga by kikunosuke Eel

What ManBerry is wearing:
*Mesh Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2 by Siddean Munro
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Jackson V4.4 by Catwa Clip
Body Appliers: L’Etre Homme – Slink Body Appliers [Chocolata Tone] by Dam1710
Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Coffee by Ikon Innovia
Hair: Exile::High and Dry by Kavar Cleanslate
*Shirt: FATEwear Shirt – Cooper by Damien Fate

*Pose: oOo Studio Chips by Olaenka Chesnokov
*Skybox: Glam Affair – Lorella Skybox by Aida Ewing

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