Second Life Motivational Meme

Have you guys seen those motivational posters before where people take an image and put a black border with some motivational text around it? These posters are supposed to have positive behavioral effects. I thought it would be… Read More

Uber Apocalypse

Uber started up again on August 31st and this month’s theme is apocalypse. If you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely visit for all your apocalyptic needs! There are some phenomenal shoes this round for both men… Read More

Sparkle and Shine

Photos Nikolaidis released this really fun dress today and I wanted to dress it all up with tattoos and my new hair from Red Mint that I picked up at Hair Fair. I actually poked Mr. Jefferson to… Read More

Am I Drow-ing Right?

I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing about fantasy or roleplaying, especially in Second Life. However, I saw that Mochi of Pink Fuel had released some Drow skins at we

Color Meme

Zaara Kohime is releasing her Mens Classic mesh suit in a variety of bright pop colors for the Mens Dept this month, so I thought it would be fun to make this week’s Monday Meme all about color!… Read More

Would you like a Drink?

The Arcade Gacha Events open their doors this Saturday at midnight. The Arcade shopping guide for March 2014 is up as well. Each page of the shopping guide features the gacha vendor images, product information, and direct landmark… Read More

Do you still have Flickr Pro?

I got an email from Flickr the other day that my Flickr Pro expires next month. I didn’t even realize I still had it. I thought it expired back in October for some reason, because that’s when I… Read More

Avatar Look Alikes Challenge

This week’s Monday Meme is brought to you by Mr. Winter Jefferson once again, he’s just full of great ideas. Meme Instructions: Share a selfie of your avatar and a picture of the person you feel most looks… Read More

Sparkly Pumpkins and Bananas

There are a lot of fruit in this post…a pumpkin prop, banana shirt and then of course a big strawberry! Did you guys know that both pumpkins and bananas are actually kinds of berries and strawberries are not?… Read More

Blood Red

(raw shot) I’m channeling Mr. Jefferson and his vampireness in this post. I’m still looking for the perfect mesh vampire fangs. I am wearing a combination of tattoo and prim fangs in this post. I know this is… Read More

Berry’s Monday Meme – Love From Mr Jefferson

This post is going to be a totally indulgent circlejerk, I give you all prior warning. Plus I’ll probably get caned by Berry for using that term on her blog. I’m really looking forward to seeing where we… Read More

SLink Avatar Enhancement for Men and Women

Before I begin this post, I just want to say that all of the images in this post are raw shots, not processed at all, just cropped and resized. Yesterday Siddean Munro released the SLink Avatar Enhancement mesh… Read More

Magic Carpet Ride

I feel like I really failed at this week’s SL DisneyBound challenge because I had all these ideas and I was going to use ManBerry and was going to dress him up as Aladdin, etc… but I’m currently… Read More

Butterfly Eyes

(click here for raw shots) A:S:S (which stands for Another Stupid Shirt Shop) also creates mesh eyes (which are far from stupid :P). They are having a Photo Contest with some great prizes. I figured it was the… Read More

Mens 24

Mens 24 is an event just for the fashion conscious men of Second Life (or the ladies with male alts :P). It started on August 19th and will run through the 27th. 24 established menswear designers have created… Read More


I found out about sYs (show your style) at a recent event I went to. That’s when I picked up this outfit. I love the futuristic style they have going, it’s very cyber chic! They also have a… Read More