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Owner: Strawberry Singh
Owner’s ALT: ManBerry Resident
Guest Blogger: Winter Jefferson

Does accept content to blog?: Yes
If you would like your designs to be featured on this blog, just drop them on Strawberry Singh (female items, home decor, poses, etc…) or Manberry Resident (male items), keeping in mind that only items that inspire and suit my personal style/taste get blogged. Therefore, I can’t promise that I will be able to blog something for sure as it depends on the item and my schedule. I also do not accept payment for blogging, so please do not offer to pay me to blog your items.

Because blogging is just my hobby and I do it sporadically, I NEVER request review copies, I do not fill out blogging applications or forms, nor can I follow any blogger group rules. Please keep that in mind if you are sending me requests to join your blogging team.

Please Note: This blog does not ever request review copies. If you are contacted by anyone requesting copies to be blogged here, please inform Strawberry Singh.

I am not a stylist, critic or review blogger. My passion is taking pictures in Second Life and working on my skills in Photoshop. If I blog your items, I may or may not say anything about them, but I will photograph them to the best of my abilities. Credits are always listed at the end of each post, and promotional copies will be marked with an asterisk (*) to abide by the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

Thank you! ♥