Illuminate your Life!

“Hatred paralyses life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.” Martin Luther King, Jr. Yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr. day in the US. He is probably one of the most quote-worthy individuals that has ever lived and one of my favorite quotes from him is the […] Continue reading →

Ladies who Lunch

I’ve blogged the brand Ladies who Lunch by Faint Paulse many times before because not only is she a great and very generous friend, but she is extremely talented and constantly churning out quality high fashion attire. With every release she gives out the first 10 fatpacks free! You just have to keep an eye […] Continue reading →

erratic group gift

Now that we officially have 42 groups I am on the hunt for all my alts (and myself of course :P) to get them on all the awesome groups out there that give out wonderful gifts. Whenever I find a group worth joining, I will try and make a post about it. Erratic is the […] Continue reading →

What I’ve been up to…

Since I didn’t get a chance to shoot some pictures for a blog post today, I thought I would share some pictures of what I have been up to. Aside from doing some personal photography for some wonderful clients that I’ve had a great pleasure in meeting and interacting with, I have also had the […] Continue reading →

Evening: Before the War

for Marion “The sky slush gray, the stream creaks out of its winter cocoon, unkinks. The sun hovers, taking a good last look at his beloved before his long trip. The trees cast their jittery spells against the onslaught of dark. But that, like all this, is mere mirage to bend us, twist us, lift […] Continue reading →


This is Tanya, a chocolatey dark skin from the talented Tuli. Tuli just released a wide variety of skins which I will be sporting in future blog posts soon. And how adorable are these glasses which were a gift from Mr. Revolution? Love them, thank you. Continue reading →


You know I’m not one for system skirts because my behind is usually too big to fit in them and I am just too lazy to change my shape for any skins or clothing. However, this new release from Icing is fitted very well. I haven’t altered my shape at all for it. The texturing […] Continue reading →


Since this year has started I have been busy shooting pictures for wonderful clients. I’m so happy to have found something I really love doing in SL and I can’t wait to improve my photography skills even more this year. Working for clients that appreciate and really encourage you is also very helpful. A big […] Continue reading →

50L Friday

I have to admit, I’m not a very good 50L friday shopper. I rarely venture out of my skybox to go check it out. But I was really excited when Zaara told me she was a guest designer this week. I’ve been waiting for another Zaara release and now it’s only L$50! :D For L$50 […] Continue reading →

Happy New Year!

It’s funny how even though I took a week off SL and didn’t login, I’m still able to blog so often! LOL Well I should be back after tomorrow. I am having a lot of fun with family that is visiting me. I hadn’t seen them in years and it’s been really great to catch […] Continue reading →

Merry Christmas!

I got a little time from my week off SL to check email and plurk today and I got a wonderful Christmas surprise! Opulent Magazine has done a little photographer’s spotlight on me and once again you get to read a goofy interview of mine. I’m sure after this, no one is going to want […] Continue reading →

Time to Party!

After tomorrow I probably will not be checking my email or logging into SL till the New Year. To those of you emailing me requesting photo shoots, I promise when I return I’ll book the shoots in the order that I received the emails. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous […] Continue reading →


VanGuard is a new mens fashion label that offers a wide range of clothing and accessories to satisfy any style. I especially loved this Vermont sweater which is really well done and perfect for a chilly day. They have an assortment of items sectioned in themed rooms. So boys, if you’re looking for warm winter […] Continue reading →

Book with Berry!

I have been asked for gift vouchers for my photography services from a number of people so finally I gave in and decided to go this route. I hope it works out well and if you guys have any problems with it, please do let me know right away. A big thank you to Catero […] Continue reading →


I would have been so much happier if SL had cooperated and let me take this picture in Insilico like I had planned. Alas it was not meant to be and I am sentenced to my skybox once again. Can I just say how much I love my friend Faint and so happy to see […] Continue reading →

Frost Fairy

What can I say….I am just in a frosty kinda mood. As soon as I put on this gorgeous fairy costume, I knew I needed to shoot a pic. I love it when I get so totally inspired by an outfit. Even though SL wasn’t cooperating whatsoever and made me crash like 20 times and […] Continue reading →