je suis berry

It’s very rare that someone actually wants to take a picture of me, usually I’m the one behind the lens. That’s why I was totally honored and excited when Julia Merosi of je suis asked me to pose for one of my favorite photographers, Leah McCullough. I love this picture so much, thank you Leah […] Continue reading →

Kari Komrad Hud Contest

So it’s time for me to enter another contest! :D As I’m sure you’ve noticed I am a contest addict. I think during my four years in SL I have entered literally hundreds of contest and contrary to popular belief I have only won nine of them! I love entering contests because it really gives […] Continue reading →

Cheerno Emilia

I know I am probably going to get yelled at by Mr. Winter Jefferson for doing this post because he knows how I am currently struggling to meet 4 deadlines by the 15th but when I received this skin earlier today I couldn’t resist doing this quick picture for it. I’m not normally a blond […] Continue reading →


“Beauty’s sister is vanity, and its daughter lust.” Proverb For my bare series. Credits: *Skin: Glam Affair Layla by Aida Ewing *Hair: Truth Kalia by Truth Hawks *Jewels: Zaara Nizam by Zaara Kohime (Annual sale – 50% off everything) *Pose + Props: oOo Studio Red Light Special Vignette by Olaenka Chesnokov *Promotional copies Continue reading →

Living Picture

Taken from wikipedia: “Tableau vivant … is French for “living picture.” The term describes a striking group of suitably costumed actors or artist’s models, carefully posed and often theatrically lit.” I’ve blogged Tableau Vivant before they opened up their doors, well now they are officially open. I can’t stress how amazing everything is. At the […] Continue reading →


I found out about sYs (show your style) at a recent event I went to. That’s when I picked up this outfit. I love the futuristic style they have going, it’s very cyber chic! They also have a wide range of clothing and accessories, including some awesome boots. I’m going to head back there and […] Continue reading →

I am Shaggable

I must apologize for the title and the abundance of nudity in this post, these pics are for the “I am Shaggable” contest, details here. But forget about the nudity and my bare ass, what I really want you to concentrate on is my hands. Are you lookin at them? What do you see? That’s […] Continue reading →


I think when people are inspired by something, it’s when they do their best work. Using myself as an example, it’s very difficult for me to photograph something I don’t feel an attachment towards. If I’m not inspired by it, it shows in my work. That’s why I love it when I put on an […] Continue reading →

On the Floor

Today I am in a dancing mood. I’ve been dancing around my room all morning to On the floor. You should totally listen to it too while reading this blog post, it’ll make the pictures come to life. :D This new skin from L.Fauna has me all excited. I believe this is probably the darkest […] Continue reading →

Garden of Dreams

After scaring everyone with my bloody feline vampire look yesterday, I thought I would do something soft and pretty. That’s exactly what the latest skin Tania from AtomicBambi is, soft and pretty. Tania is youthful and cute and available in 3 skin tones, 2 brow colours, and 7 make ups (plus shape and bonus lipsticks […] Continue reading →

Locked Up

Today I’m locked up in one of my favorite dungeons in SL. The Abiss Interior Dungeon is really well done. It’s dark, mysterious and the textures are phenomenal. The feline feet I’m wearing are a limited edition set from roobix. Only 50 of these Kai felines will be sold and when I went and picked […] Continue reading →

The Quirky Librarian

As soon as I put these pants on I knew I was going to go for a really quirky and cute librarian look. These adorable Sack Trousers from Ladies who Lunch will be released on June 5th and will be exclusive to the June Chic Birthday event. The trousers come in 14 colors of high-wasted […] Continue reading →

Cracked Mirror

“Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.” Kahlil Gibran Credits: *Skin: PXL Gaia Tan by Hart Larsson *Hair: LoQ Hair Grappa Pieva – Jet Black by Gia Pawpad *Dress: (Cracked Mirror) Mercy Dress by Cracked Mirror *Tattoo: Huz Tats Por Vida by Hunain Bellic *Jewels: Rozoregalia Gemma set by Rozoregalia Braveheart Nails: Candy […] Continue reading →

Beach Bum

Tomorrow is the last day of Shoe Fair and this is your opportunity to get in one final shopping trip. Shoe fair closes on the 27th at 8pm slt. If you haven’t been to the LeeZu booth yet, go by today and check out the shoe fair exclusive beach bum boots in surf blue. The […] Continue reading →