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StrawberrySinghcom Simple Photo Studio (free)

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Over the years I have been continuously contacted by people that are new to Second Life and are interested in Second Life photography. They ask me a lot of questions about WindLight Settings and Graphic Settings and such, but one question that comes up often is, “how do I get a white background or a different colored background in my images?” I’ve had to explain how to rez a prim and create a backdrop using that.

So I had been thinking of putting up something on marketplace for free. Perhaps a very simple photo studio and pose stand. I mentioned it to my friend, Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works and he was kind enough to create exactly what I had in mind. It’s all mesh and brilliantly scripted to make it easy and simple to use.

I did a little video just outlining it a little bit for those that are new to SL and may need some help with that. I am embedding the video below but here is the link to it on youtube as well:

Now here’s a little picture that I took using the photo studio and then I processed it in Photoshop.

lazy summer days

I’m wearing the adorable new hair from Exile called lazy summer days, which I adore. The outfit is from Erratic and it’s their special Valentine’s release. My favorite part are the shoes, they are so sexy and they fit right into my SLink mesh feet.

I hope you like the photo studio and pose stand and find it useful. If you do have any questions about it, feel free to email me. I am going away on vacation tomorrow so I might not be able to get back to you until after the 18th.

I will also try and do a Friday Find blog post before I leave tomorrow but just in case I’m not able to make it, I hope you guys have a fabulous week and a very Happy Valentine’s Day. If you are still looking for presents to get for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget that I still have my List of Second Life Content Creators that carry Gift Cards up from Christmas. Feel free to add any to the list. <3

*Skin: Glam Affair Cleo by Aida Ewing
*Hair: Exile by Kavar Cleanslate
*Dress: Erratic by Erratic Rain
*Shoes: Erratic by Erratic Rain
*Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel Simple Photo Studio

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