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Photobombed while streaming Second Life

Photobombed while streaming Second Life

If you’re following me on Facebook or Twitter, you might have noticed my updates a few minutes before I started streaming Second Life live on my Youtube Gaming channel.

I planned to share photography tips last night while I streamed, but after watching it this morning I realized it didn’t go as well as I had planned. I missed several things that I wanted to cover such as my graphics settings and more details about adjusting windlight. So I plan to do another session covering more in-depth photography tips very soon, perhaps later this week or early next week. I’ll announce it on my Twitter and Facebook once I decide.

I also had some technical difficulties for the first 1 minute and 30 seconds so I suggest you jump to that spot if you plan to watch last night’s video. Also, one important thing I forgot to mention while I was streaming last night is if you use ctrl-0 to zoom in, you can then use ctrl-9 to go back to your regular view.

While I was streaming I got photobombed by the talented Mr. Jackson Redstar. He hopped over to the sim I was at and started dancing behind me. You can him see close to the end of the video. I loved his avatar so I quickly grabbed a photo of him when he stood beside me. He captured a great pic of us as well and posted it on his flickr. Thank you Jackson for watching and participating! I was quite nervous while streaming for the first time so it really helped me relax and enjoy it more.

I also enjoyed chatting with you guys while I was streaming. You can click over to my live page see last night’s chat.

Here is the video of the stream now uploaded to youtube:

I asked you guys to share what else you’d like to see me stream and I’ve gotten requests for more photo tips, which I will do, but also a few of you have asked me to do a tutorial on how to actually go about streaming yourselves. I am still in the process of learning and figuring it all out as I go along, so I will for sure try and do a tutorial a little later once I get a better hang of it myself.

Some other streams you should watch out for on YouTube Gaming:
> Second Life category on YouTube Gaming – find more live SL streamers
> Second Life Channel – maybe Linden Lab will start live streaming?
> Anya Ohmai’s stream – she’s giving live Zbrush lessons!
> LiftedPixel by Jessyka Richard – she streams quite often for hours at a time.
> Draxtor Despres – he’s been promising that he will start streaming soon!

UPDATE: Here is the raw black and white image I took while I was streaming last night:
raw shot taken in Second Life while live streaming

What I’m wearing:
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 by Onyx LeShelle
*Skin: –Glam Affair – Marta Jamaica – Clean F by Aida Ewing (flickr)
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Arden by Truth Hawks
*Jacket: Addams // Charlize Biker Jacket // Maitreya by AmaliaRainwood (Flickr)
*Top: Addams // Rubik Tank Top // Maitreya by AmaliaRainwood
*Jeans: Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans * XS Dirty by Onyx LeShelle
*Boots: erratic / selene – mesh ankle boots / black – silver by Erratic Rain
*Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Essence :: 50% :: MM14014 by Leti Hax
*Necklace: Cae :: Hamsa :: Necklace (Long) by Caelan Hancroft
*Piercings: [MANDALA]OKAKI face peiarcing set by kikunosuke Eel
Location: Virtual Decay

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