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Wink xChip smartHUD App in Second Life

Lately I’ve done a few videos where I shared interesting and informative HUDs in Second Life. I think making a video is the best way to showcase them. I’ve gone ahead and made a YouTube playlist for all of my HUD videos, hope you get a chance to watch more of them. Also if you get the chance, check out all of my playlists on YouTube. I’ve been trying to organize my videos in a better way so they are easier to lookup and access, let me know if you have any suggestions!

Wink xChip App in Second Life

Today I’ve done a video for Wink which is an app for xChip. xChip is a smartHUD which creates a smartphone like experience for Second life. Wink is an app for it that provides a social experience within SL and connects people based on interests. Both the xChip smartHUD and the Wink app are free. xChip is available for free on marketplace and Wink is currently at Uber.

I’ve done a quick video showing how to use it but basically once you pick up the HUDs, just attach/wear them and follow the instructions to create an account and then start winking at people!

Watch my video on YouTube:

Here are some informative links for xChip:

> xChip Headquarters in Second Life
> xChip on Second Life Marketplace
> xChip on Facebook
> About xChip
> Documentation Page – List of commands and features

only in my dreams (click here for a raw shot)

I haven’t taken detailed pictures of the sim I’m on or the clothing I’m wearing, but you can see it in detail in the video. The sim is Vintage Romance by Britain Knave. You can see more beautiful pictures of this sim in their flickr group.

The outfit I’m wearing is from Blueberry and my hair is from Exile, both are available at Collabor88 right now. The rings I’m wearing on my right hand are from Mandala and they are also at collabor88.

My eye makeup, which I zoomed in on in the video, is from SlackGirl. I recently got some very beautiful cosmetics from Slackgirl who makes cosmetics for a variety of heads. Check out Slackgirl’s flickr and her marketplace store. The eyeshadow I’m wearing is called Hathor and is available at her mainstore.

Have fun playing with the HUD you guys, don’t forget to wink at me! ;)

Shape: Zara Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Destiny V4.9 by Catwa Clip (@ MBA)
*Skin Applier: Glam Affair Calliope by Aida Ewing (@ MBA)
*Eyeshadow: ::SG:: Hathor Eyeshadow For CATWA Heads by SlackGirl
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Hazel by Ikon Innovia
*Hair: Exile:: Dangerous by Kavar Cleanslate (@ C88)
*Dress: Blueberry – Scarlet – Angelic Dress by Blueberryxx (@ C88)
*Foot Jewels: Just Design – Sahara by davidefre
Tiara: EarthStones Fleur Tiara – White Diamond by Abraxxa Anatine
*Rings in Right Hand: [MANDALA]SINRA Rings by kikunosuke eel (@ C88)
Ring in Left Hand: ~~ Ysoral ~~ Luxe Ring Oceanne by Fenixdragon Rau
HUD: xChip SmartHUD 2.2.0 by Austin Zon
AO poses in video: Vista breathing animations by Vista Barnes
Pose in last photo: Maitreya (no longer available)
Location: Vintage Romance by Britain Knave

Fame HUD in Second Life

A new HUD has hit the Second Life marketplace that has a completely different concept and idea and it’s actually rather fun. The Fame HUD by Ryan Dayton lets you walk around with 5 mesh cameras clicking around you as if you are a celebrity. In the video I said this would be an interesting HUD for […] Continue reading →

Seraphim HUD

On Saturday, June 25th the Seraphim team will be making our Second Life shopping experience even more convenient! They will release a shopping HUD, for FREE, which will assist you in discovering all of the current shopping events going on in Second Life and teleport to them with just a click of a button inworld. I’ve […] Continue reading →

Lash Heaven

Damien Fate released his innovative FATELashes about 3 weeks ago. While I was trying to decide how I could blog them in a way that they really stand out, he decided to update them to v2.0 by adding over 100 new textures. He also did this amazing video (which I’m embedding below) that shows you […] Continue reading →

Feels like Satin

Today I’ve done a little video talking about three new items that I wanted to share with you. Here is the video on YouTube and below that I will go into a bit more detail about each item I talked about in the video: Video on YouTube: Erratic Allure Satin Robe The erratic allure […] Continue reading →

SL Go Pricing Update

Before I talk about what I’m wearing in these images, I just wanted to update you guys on the new pricing for SL Go. Since my last post about SL Go, the folks at OnLive have put a lot of thought into the pricing that they initially offered and have decided to add some more […] Continue reading →

I need some TLC

(click here for a raw shot) I picked up a DEMO of the SLink Visage mesh heads when they were released last week and had decided not to purchase because I didn’t feel like myself in them. I still don’t feel like myself in them, however Siddean dropped them on me so I thought I […] Continue reading →

SL Go by OnLive

Linden Lab and OnLive have just announced SL Go by OnLive. SL Go by OnLive is the first Second Life mobile app viewer that enables you to experience Second Life on your Android device over a 4G/LTE or wireless connection. Because SL Go runs on the OnLive game platform and is rendered on their servers […] Continue reading →

Second Life Helpful Tools Meme

A while back Shug Maitland contacted me with a suggestion for a meme. Her suggestion was, “What is your Window On The World” where she requested that everyone show a screenshot of their viewer setup, the way they normally see SL, including the Huds, Floaters, Button layout, etc. I didn’t really know how to do […] Continue reading →

Second Life Wish Lists

The creator of the PoseAnywhere HUD and the E2V Vendor System has created a new addon for those content creators that are using his E2V system. The best thing about this addon is that it will make it a lot easier for all Second Life residents to give gifts to their friends and family, especially […] Continue reading →