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Second Life Addiction

Second Life Addiction

My real life has been so busy these days that I haven’t had much time for Second Life. Even though my mind is preoccupied with work, I still feel the longing to login. The addiction keeps calling me back. I say this is just a hobby to me, which it is, but it also seems to have a hold over me. I really enjoy logging in, playing around with my avatar, exploring sims, shopping, taking pictures or just chatting with some old friends once in a while. Is that really an addiction though? I know it helps me escape from real world pressures and relaxes me. I guess that does kind of sound like a drug addiction. Is that what Second Life does for you? Do you feel like you are ‘addicted?’

I don’t know if I actually have an addiction or it’s just a form of entertainment I enjoy. But I do know that I have always gotten a sense of solace from it. My most favorite thing to do in Second Life is playing around with my avatar’s looks of course, then taking a headshot of my face and following that up with hours of enjoyment in Photoshop.

Lately I’ve been experimenting more with my avatar, trying on different faces and mesh heads. But I always seem to go back to my original face as I feel like it’s more ‘me’ which is odd since it’s just an avatar in a virtual world. I think my mesh head experimenting though has resulted in some nightmares recently:

which is rather hilarious if you think about it. It’s definitely fun to dress up and explore and discover yourself in different ways.

Do you feel that you have an addiction and what is it that you like to do most in Second Life? I thought I’d do a few polls for fun to see just how addicted we all are:

The next poll is going to be a long one. I wanted to show all there is to do in our little vitural world so this should be interesting. A big thank you to my plurky friends for helping me with this even though I didn’t write ALL of the suggestions they provided, lol! Multiple selections are allowed but try and pick just one or a few of your MOST favorite activities if you can.

With all of these activities available in Second life, it’s no wonder a lot of us are so addicted!

What I’m wearing:
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 by Onyx LeShelle
*Skin: -Glam Affair – Caroline Jamaica – Clean F by Aida Ewing (@ Uber)
*Mesh Eyeliner: –Glam Affair– Couture Eyeliner no.03 by Aida Ewing
Eyelashes: MonCheri “Falsies” Eyelash by Freya Olivieri
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Industrial by Ikon Innovia
*Hair: Exile::Fire To The Rain AON by Kavar Cleanslate (flickr)
*Dress: .miss chelsea. Raya Dress Maitreya Charcoal by MissChelseaStore (@ FaMESHed)


Since it’s Friday, I thought I would do a Weekly Roundup as well because I have so much more that I want to share!

Weekly Roundup

  1. Photographer of the WeekKei Kojishi – Kei’s pictures are just full of life, so much so that the avatar looks like it’s just going to start moving and pop out of the page. He is one of the new photographers I just added to my Second Life Photographer’s Page.
  2. Updates in my Marketplace store – A few days ago I updated my Ankle Lock on there to include both versions of it. I had removed version 1 and replaced is with version 2 back in May, however version 2 doesn’t seem to work for some people. So now I have included both versions in the folder. Please read the notecard inside the folder to see WHY I had removed version 1 so you know what the issue is with that one. I have also removed the free version of my Ankle Lock and just left the L$1 version up because too many people were messaging me confused as to why it was listed twice.
    Broken Ankle Fix - Ankle Lock
  3. Hairology – An interesting new Hair event is starting in Second Life and it will start on the 10th of each month. Since I am such a hair addict, I am SO looking forward to this one! There is an application form on there for designers looking to participate!
  4. Linden Lab has updated the starter Avatars for Second Life – I actually really like these. They are not complete mesh avatars like before, but instead just default SL avatars that are nicely dressed in mesh wear. A lot less confusing for newbies! Check them out at – and see reactions from other residents on plurk.
  5. American Election 2016 – This is going to be such an important election for us Americans so I just want to take a minute to plead with you guys to REGISTER TO VOTE NOW if you haven’t already done so. Along with that, it’s also very important, if you live in a closed state like I do (Florida) that your registration shows you are affiliated with the party you wish to vote for or you will not be eligible to vote for them in the Primaries. To see if you live in a closed State, please check out the FairVote website and see what you need to do to be able to vote in the Primaries. The Primary Election schedule can be found on the Election Central website. If you are not sure who to vote for as of yet, take the quiz on and see which candidate suits your beliefs best. You can also watch all of the upcoming debates to make your decision. Here is the debate schedule: 2016 Debate Schedule.
  6. Quiz for the 2016 Presidential Election: I had done this quiz a few months back so today I thought I would do it again and see where I stand now. Here are my results. I hope you get a chance to do it too and feel free to share your results in the comments if you like!


(click here for a raw shot) The definition of Luxuria is lust or sexual desire. Personified as one of the deadly sins, it is also the name of a store in Second Life owned by Roslin Petion. Roslin is a brilliant texture artist and her store is known for sensual lingerie. Great thing is that […] Continue reading →

Juggling Raccoons

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My Thoughts Are My Own

Earlier today on Flickr, Mr. Jefferson was accusing me of having sex furniture on my platform. I’d just like to say that I had no idea it was sex furniture, all my furniture is used as blog props. Alas no sex is happening in Berryland! Apparently the chair I’m sitting in is also ‘Adult.’ Although […] Continue reading →

Your Skin

(click here for a raw shot) If you already own a LeLutka mesh head or the Maitreya Lara Body, you may have noticed that there was an update to both of these items yesterday. If you didn’t receive the update, just wear them and it will be automatically sent to you. The updates are not […] Continue reading →

LeLutka Mesh Heads

(click here for a raw shot) On Wednesday, April 1st LeLutka will release 3 mesh heads, Aria, Ever and Leda. I am sharing raw, unprocessed photos of all three below. When the heads are released, there will also be an update of Maitreya’s Lara body so that they will match flawlessly as this has been […] Continue reading →

Long Live the Queen!

Whenever I put on any kind of crown in Second Life, I admit to feeling a bit like royalty. Who wouldn’t though with this crown? It’s just magnificent! Below is a full shot of the crown because even though I love the closeup shot of my face, I really did want to show you the […] Continue reading →

First & Recent Challenge

Don’t make fun of my newbie pic! :P Meme instructions: Share a side by side comparison of your first blog picture beside a recent picture of your avatar. Don’t forget to share the link to your image in the comments and add your pictures to the Blog Memes flickr group. I believe this meme idea […] Continue reading →


This is my third post today. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I am inspired so I’m taking advantage of it. People often ask me what inspires me. Recently, I have been very inspired by Vogue Magazine, and especially Vogue India. I know my pictures and styling don’t come anywhere close to the ones […] Continue reading →

My SLink Obsession

My SLink Obsession is a new monthly event that opens on the 5th of each month and ends on the 22nd. The event features Slink compatible items from skins, shoes, nail polishes, clothing, poses and more! It is held on the Slink West sim. I’m wearing a SLink Visage mesh head with the SLink Physique […] Continue reading →

Uber Vacation

Uber is a new monthly event that is owned by Mr. Truth Hawks and managed by Kaelyn Alecto. Every month there will be a new theme and for July the theme is vacation. There are 35 talented designers participating this round. It’s a small event but the items are excellent quality and perfect for this […] Continue reading →


A lot of cute new skins being released recently. Rose will be released from Glam Affair tomorrow and it will come in seven different tones with 12 makeups as well as a clean face and not to mention a ton of eyebrow options. You can see some of the pictures of the different tones on […] Continue reading →