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My Avatar’s Portrait Painted by Miriam Lemondrop

My Avatar's Portrait Painted  by Miriam Lemondrop

Recently a very talented young lady painted a portrait of my avatar and I had to share it with you guys. It’s beautiful and was based on the image I did of myself last year, pictured below.

Her name is Miriam Lemondrop and she does paintings of Avatars for only L$800, which I think is an incredibly low price for all the work she puts into it. You can get more information about her portraits on her marketplace listing and then contact her inworld to commission one from her. She took about 12 days to do this one for me and also sent me the PSD files so I can see all of her photoshop layers displaying how she came to the end result. She is incredibly talented. I think this is also something that would make a wonderful gift for a loved one.

A Journey Through India (This image blogged here: A Journey Through India)

I have been away from SL for a couple of weeks now and still have not logged in yet. I have been trying to reply to all the emails, but I still have a number of them to go through. If you have emailed me in the last two weeks with a question or to schedule an appointment for a photoshoot, please be patient, I should respond to all by the end of the week.

I hope you guys have been having a wonderful summer so far! <3

Book with Berry!

Since I’ve started setting up my gift cards around the holidays the past couple of years, I kept getting requests to do a gift card for my couples photography pricing too since a lot of people like to give them as a wedding present. So this year I’ve finally gone ahead and setup two gift […] Continue reading →

Book with Berry!

Last year around the holidays I was getting a lot of requests from people for gift vouchers to send to their family and friends. So I had set that up a week or two before Christmas and it was a great success. So today I have placed this new gift card on marketplace and it […] Continue reading →

Book with Berry!

I have been asked for gift vouchers for my photography services from a number of people so finally I gave in and decided to go this route. I hope it works out well and if you guys have any problems with it, please do let me know right away. A big thank you to Catero […] Continue reading →