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Tutorial – Processing a Headshot

Processing a Headshot
(before and after) Style credits to this picture can be found in this post: Makeup Forever!

A lot of people have been asking me to do more Photoshop video tutorials showing how I process my images, especially my headshots. It really varies most of the time though, depending on each picture and how much I want to process it. Today’s picture a few people asked me to share how I processed some parts of it and also how I added the bokkeh background.

This is the video showing how I processed this image:

Here are some more tutorials of mine that are about processing images:

  1. Tutorial – Cleaning up your pictures using Photoshop
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  4. Shattered Photoshop Tutorial

Here are some recent tutorials from other Second Life residents:

  1. Video Tutorials about Liquify & Smoothing by Shyntae Demonista
  2. Video Tutorial – Highlights and shadows by Shyntae Demonista
  3. Back To Basics – Tutorial by Peep Sideshow
  4. More (Pic)Monkeying Around – Part 1 by Peep Sideshow
  5. More (Pic)Monkeying Around – Part 2 by Peep Sideshow

Please feel free to comment or email if you have any questions or suggestions and let me know if you found this tutorial helpful. Have a great weekend! <3

» You can view all of my current tutorials on my tutorials page.

Skin Smoothing

So, I was a bad girl this week and totally goofed off instead of learning something new in photoshop. Therefore I thought this time I would share a skin smoothing tutorial that helped me a lot a few years ago. This is the technique I still use to smooth skin. The tutorial is by Ryker […] Continue reading →

It’s all in the eyes!

(Raw shot of this image) Continuing with my photoshop adventures this summer, I decided to focus on learning how to enhance the eyes this week. I love looking at a picture and the first thing that pops out at me are the eyes. So I found this really cool tutorial on youtube however, it’s one […] Continue reading →

Summer Solstice

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere summer solstice is almost here and the first day of summer is tomorrow. Yesterday I spent most of the day outdoors soaking in the sun. Something about the hot sun on my skin relaxes me and gives me solace. I’ve decided I want to teach myself something […] Continue reading →

Miss Manners

After tomorrow my summer vacation starts and I’m planning on being really lazy and just spending most of the time on my patio sunbathing and reading. I’m also looking forward to hopefully having more time to login and blog more often. I am happy to see some amazing summer releases have already hit the grid […] Continue reading →