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Maitreya Mesh Body

Before I begin this post, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for all the prayers and well wishes for when I went away for a little while. Luckily everything turned out well and I have returned. Also, a big thank you for voting for me in the Avi Choice Awards this year. Because of all of your support, I have received four trophies: Favorite Fashion Blogger, Favorite Fashion Blog, Favorite Fashion Photographer and Favorite Fashion Stylist. Thank you all so much for voting and thinking of me. I wanted to show how thankful I am for you, so I am doing another giveaway, like I did last year. Keep reading this post to find out what the giveaway is and how you can enter to win!

Maitreya Mesh Body

Maitreya Mesh Body Details

Maitreya is finally about to release their much awaited mesh body, very soon. I don’t have an exact release date as of yet, but here are some details that I do know:

  • The Alpha HUD is very nicely laid out, easy to use and has quite a bit of options making it easier to fit clothing. The “mask mode” buttons under the tattoo, underwear and clothing layers are there to use in case you have two layers on and they are glitching. Toggling those buttons changes the layer from ‘alpha blending’ to ‘alpha masking’ and may help reduce the glitch.
  • The body will come pre-packaged with 10 skin tones from Glam Affair which you can see under skin presets on the HUD. I am wearing the India Glam affair tone that came with this body.
  • The body will also come with applier lingerie from Zaara and fitted mesh lingerie from Maitreya.
  • The body will come with its own hands and feet that fit perfectly. The hands come in a casual position, like you see in the images, and the feet come in three different positions (flat, mid and high) to fit different shoes. However, the body also fits the XS size of the SLink mesh hands and feet, the way they fit the SLink Physique mesh body.
  • I was asked if Maitreya will have an applier program and if they have the apps open yet. I don’t know the details about that, but I did ask and was told that it’s being worked on.

Maitreya HUD for Mesh Body

I have done a comparison image so you guys can see the differences between the Maitreya body and the classic Second Life body along with the two other bodies that I own, like and wear often. The current SLink Physique body on the market right now is v1.4, however, Siddean passed me v1.5 just this morning and said she will be sending the update after Christmas. So the body for slink that you see in the comparison photo is actually not released/updated yet, but will be soon. So if you do own the SLink Physique, make sure to head down to the SLink mainstore some time after christmas and hit the redelivery terminal for the update. I noticed this version is a bit more curvier than the previous. You can compare this updated comparison image with the older comparison image where I used v1.4.

People keep asking me, “which is THE BEST mesh body Berry?” To be honest, I don’t think there is a ‘best’ I think there is a ‘what’s best for you and works best in your situation.’ I have been wearing both SLink and TMP body off and on at different times for different reasons. And then sometimes when I get really frustrated with all the HUDS and options and such, I take them off and go back to classic for days. I feel there are pros and cons to all of them. The biggest con for all of these bodies is that it has made getting dressed and changing clothing a lot more time consuming. Comparison of Mesh Bodies (all of the images are raw shots, click to view larger size)

If I were to choose a body to wear all the time, I would pick either SLink or Maitreya. SLink because I like the athletic build and there are so many products already available for it. Maitreya because I love the boobs, butt and the sensual curves. I also really like the alpha hud as I was able to wear my new League dress and a few other outfits without any issues using the hud. The Mesh Project body is very nice, but their HUD system is such a headache and still to this day, very confusing for me. So for now, I will be interchanging with both SLink and Maitreya until I finally decide which one works best for me and I’ll stick with that.

So I honestly don’t have a favorite, but I do think each one has its own charm and I think you should definitely DEMO and try it on for a few hours to make sure you are comfy with it before you buy. Also, here is a website that has a list and info on all mesh bodies and body parts that have been released, which you can read and then make an informed decision: Mesh Physique Support –
Exploring the Second Life world of mesh avatar enhancements

Follow Maitreya at the following links to find out when the body is released:
> Maitreya Blog
> Maitreya on Flickr
> Maitreya on Facebook
> Maitreya on Twitter
> Maitreya VIP Inworld Group


Berry’s 2014 Giveaway!

Now it’s time for a giveaway. Last year I gave away five gift cards which I purchased from five of my favorite stores for a total of L$5000. So this year, I figured since I am blogging about the Maitreya Mesh Body, I would purchase a L$5000 gift card to Maitreya and give that away. This way, one of you guys can get the body and/or a new Maitreya wardrobe for free!
Here’s how you enter the giveaway:
Leave a comment in this post with your full Second Life name and your thoughts about mesh bodies. Have you tried them?Do you own one? Which do you prefer? Will you be trying the Maitreya Mesh Body?

Please note, this giveaway is not affiliated with Maitreya in any way. I have purchased the gift card myself and I’m doing this as a gift for you guys on my own behalf. I will choose the winner randomly using the Randomizer and announce the winner on Saturday, December 20th at 9am SLT in the comments of this post. (UPDATE: Something has come up in real life so I will be announcing the winner on Sunday, December 21st at 9am SLT now.)

Thank you once again for all the love and support. Happy Holidays everyone! <3

House: [ba] NYC apartment skybox by Barnesworth Anubis
Furniture: Stockholm&Lima by Surrealia Anatine (flickr)
Photo Frame: [PM] Pixel Mode – Summer Breeze Photo Frame – Ocean by Tya Fallingbridge

*Skin: Glam Affair Rose by Aida Ewing
*Hair: Truth by Truth Hawks
*Shoes: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle (made to fit the Maitreya mesh body, not released yet)

Mesh Bodies:
*Maitreya Mesh Body by Onyx LeShelle (to be released soon)
The Mesh Project Mesh Body by TheShops
SLink Physique by Siddean Munro

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