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Male Fashion – Crashnoww

Male Fashion - Crashnoww

You guys may remember that back in July I put myself up for auction at the Pulse Fundraiser. I had offered a few things: a profile picture, a blog post together, or some time to just sit and chat about anything SL related. I was really surprised to see that Crashnoww had bid L$100,000 on me. After he won the auction, I contacted him to see if he’d like me to do a picture for him and he just said that he did it more for the charity and since he was a fan of my work he decided to bid on me. He wasn’t looking for anything in return. I thought that was incredibly generous of him and had decided in the future I would resurrect my Men on the Grid series and feature him on my blog.

Finally, I was able to schedule some time with him today and ask him a series of questions. Crashnoww is the owner of RealEvil Industries, creating very high quality accessories in Second Life. I have featured some of his work on my blog before.

Here are some of the questions I asked him:

Strawberry Singh: How long have you had your store in Second Life?
RealEvil (crashnoww): Since 2012

Strawberry Singh: Did you start with making accessories and jewelry? I know these days you are also getting in to clothing.
RealEvil (crashnoww): I actually started doing some typing effects, then some teleport effects. I started doing jewelry because I could not find anything I really liked on Marketplace.

Strawberry Singh: So you’re a scripter?
RealEvil (crashnoww): Yes I do my own scripts, nothing too advanced, just what i need

Strawberry Singh: Do you do all the scripting for your jewelry as well?
RealEvil (crashnoww): Yes, I should say we, my wife does the same thing as me. We both do designs, modeling and all the rest.

Strawberry Singh: I didn’t know that.  I thought it was just you behind the store.
RealEvil (crashnoww): I started it,  she joined me later.

Strawberry Singh: Do you have a graphic design or 3D modeling background in the real world? Or is this all something you picked up after joining SL?
RealEvil (crashnoww): No, it’s just a hobby. I did some 3d modeling before, but just for the sake of doing it. I got more advanced with SL.

Strawberry Singh: I love hearing about all the skills people pick up because of Second Life. So much to learn and teach yourself here.
RealEvil (crashnoww): Very true, this is a big opportunity for all of us to try new things.

Strawberry Singh: And now you are getting into making clothing and shoes. Is that going to be your main focus now?
RealEvil (crashnoww): No, we thought about giving it a try, to see if we can bring something new to the market. But the main focus is jewelry, we both have a passion for it.

Strawberry Singh: That’s good to hear, your jewelry is very unique looking. You have a totally different style to it, which I love. Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?
RealEvil (crashnoww): Thank you very much, means a lot to me coming from you. Most of it comes from things we see in real life. Most ideas come while making something, we start with a simple design and elaborate on it.

The RealEvil mainstore has recently been revamped on its own sim. They have a number of group gifts out and the RealEvil group is free to join. RealEvil items are also available on the marketplace.

Here is a list of links for RealEvil, I hope you guys get a chance to visit, he is incredibly talented and so generous.

A big thank you to Crashnoww for taking the time to meet with me, and of course for the generous donation to the fundraiser. <3

What Crashnoww is wearing:
Body + Head: TheMeshProject
Skin: Tableau Vivant
Hair: Dura-Boy*63
Jacket: Rebellion – Sabotage
Pants: E-Clipse Veneto Pant Black
Boots: [Deadwool] Patmos boots – black
Necklace: **RealEvil** Elegance Necklace
Ear piercings: **RealEvil** Savage Ears Piercings
Face piercings: **RealEvil** Savage Face Piercings
Rings & Claws: **RealEvil** Savage Claws & Rings

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