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Akeruka Tony Male Mesh Head

Akeruka Tony Male Mesh Head

The Tony mesh head from Akeruka was released a couple of weeks ago at an event, but now it is available at the Akeruka mainstore.

Here are some details about the Tony head:

  1. Price: The head is now at the Akeruka mainstore and L$3499. The DEMO is free. Both the DEMO and the HEAD is also available on the marketplace.
  2. Tones: It comes in all 10 Akeruka skin tones.
  3. Appliers: You can wear this head with the default SL body or with a mesh body. It comes with skin layers for the default classic body as well as appliers for TMP, SLink and Omega in all 10 tones.
  4. Developer Kit: If you are a content creator in Second Life and want to create skins and appliers for Akeruka Mesh Heads, they have an online application form at this link.
  5. Animated: This is a fully animated head, which means you have the option to turn on the many face emotes it comes with as well as the talk animation. The talk animation is triggered once you start typing in local chat, (you will see the lips moving.)

I am wearing the Signature male mesh body with the head and mesh eyes from Ikon. I did a little video showing the little details:

Video on youtube:

Akeruka Tony Male Mesh Head

While we’re on the topic of mens fashion, I wanted to mention that now there are two subscription boxes that will be available for male avatars in Second Life. Here are details about both of them:

  • SwagBagSL – Brought to you by MadPea Events. SwagBad will hit the grid on August 1st and they already have a list of 15 stores participating.
  • Gents Crate – Brought to you by Epic Events. Gents Crate will be a monthly subscription box delivered on the 23rd of each month. Launch date and list of participating designers will be announced soon.

While you’re waiting for the mens subscription boxes to launch, teleport over to The Mens Dept to get your male avatar all spruced up! Happy Shopping!

*Mesh Body: [Signature] Gianni – BODY – v2.7 by Raph Dirval
*Mesh Head: [AK] Mesh Head Tony Vers. 1.8 by KaoZ Koba
*Skin Applier: Comes with Head ^
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Iron by Ikon Innovia
*Hair: *Dura-Boy*70 HAIR by chiaki Xue (@ TMD)
*Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Rigel by Leti Hax
*Pants: BlankLine JerseyPants [D-gray] by Kureha (@ TMD)
*Top: BlankLine Zip-up hoodie [Gray] by Kureha (@ TMD)
*Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel
Location: Crack Den

Catwa Justin Basic Male Mesh Head

Catwa has released a male mesh head today named Justin. I’ve made a little video showing some of the HUDs it comes with, the animations and applier for it from L’Etre. Watch the video on youtube: Some information about the Justin mesh head: Price: This is a basic head from Catwa so it is […] Continue reading →

Catwa Cindy Female Mesh Head

(click here for a raw shot) A few days ago Catwa Clip released another basic mesh head. Cindy is only L$900 like her other basic mesh heads, but of course you can purchase add-ons separately if you wish to have animations. You can see a full breakdown of the pricing of her heads along with […] Continue reading →

Signature Gianni Male Mesh Body

(click here for a raw shot) Signature has been a Second Life brand for many years now. They used to release some excellent skins and they have previously released a female mesh body named Alice and two complete male avatars named Anthony and Franklin. Now, on Friday February 26th they have released a new male mesh […] Continue reading →

Love Lasts Forever

(click here for a raw shot) Have you guys ever fallen in love and you know that no matter what happens you will most probably love that person forever? That’s happened to me and I still love him and I’m pretty sure I always will, even though we are no longer together. I don’t know […] Continue reading →

Akeruka Mike Mesh Head

Designer KaoZ Koba of Akeruka has released another mesh head for men, this time named Mike. It is similar to the Akeruka Keith mesh head I blogged about three weeks ago. It is fully animated like Keith and has all talk, blinking and face animations but it looks drastically different and comes with different skin […] Continue reading →

Catwa Jackson Mesh Head

Catwa has released a male mesh head today named Jackson. Here is some information about him: The price of this head is L$3599. The DEMO is free and available on marketplace and the Catwa mainstore. The Developers Kit for skinners is free and available on marketplace and the Catwa mainstore. This head does not come […] Continue reading →


(click here for a raw shot) The definition of Luxuria is lust or sexual desire. Personified as one of the deadly sins, it is also the name of a store in Second Life owned by Roslin Petion. Roslin is a brilliant texture artist and her store is known for sensual lingerie. Great thing is that […] Continue reading →